San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz,Super League Controversial Penalty In The Final Match 3-2

San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz,Super League Controversial Penalty In The Final Match 3-2

San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz, Super League: Blandi turned a controversial penalty in the final and the Cyclone won a hot match

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San Lorenzo won by 3-2 to Godoy Cruz de Mendoza a match with controversial end, which marked the debut of both in the Super League, in the New Gasometer. A penalty sanctioned by Andrés Merlos for an alleged foul on Gianfluca Ferrari, at 44 minutes of the second half, ended up being decisive: the foul was topped by Nicolás Blandi, after a long protest from the visiting players, and thus the Cyclone won the match (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).

An exciting match

An afternoon of changing results and emotions guaranteed until closing. Hearts beating hard, hugs, jumps and joys that in the New Gasometer missed. San Lorenzo smiles and looks up, he had not done it for a long time, and he is in every right. From one area to another, the final shout was for the Cyclone, which at the premiere in the Super League defeated Godoy Cruz at home. The 3-2 entertained everyone (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).
Both casts were presented with teams full of substitutes. The reason? The coaches decided to preserve the headlines for the matches next week for the Copa Libertadores. Thus, with the mind in Cerro Porteño, of the 11 players that the Ciclón used from the start against Cerro Porteño, none moved out against the Mendoza. In addition, for Emanuel Maciel it was his premiere in the highest category. On Tomba’s side his head was also set on the trip to San Pablo to measure himself to Palmeiras. Just Tomás Cardona (former Barca player) played from the beginning against the Brazilians and those of Boedo. And they had their first premiere Marcos Rouzies and Tomas Badaloni.

After four straight draws in the debut of the domestic tournament and a position in the last Super League that saw him in 23rd place, San Lorenzo showed an ambitious start at the premiere. With a lot of mobility, the Cyclone quickly took advantage in 5 minutes. On the right he generated many combinations with precision – with several first passes – Gino Peruzzi sent the center and Nahuel Barrios defined the maneuver. Fast hit and frantic start. Go start of the Super League for Boedo (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).

The goal of Nahuel Barrios:

With the rapid conquest of Perrito and the advantages offered by Tomba, the development of the meeting, in the first half, favored San Lorenzo. He played with poise, without ties. Always by the right wing, Juan Antonio Pizzi’s team exhibited determination to seek success. For that sector he built the best advances and could even increase. Godoy Cruz, meanwhile, lacked depth to scare the locals. Barrios, electric, and Alexander Diaz, incisive, all applause was stolen, all praise. The fans valued the freshness of the boys from the Barca quarry.
Ordered, the Cyclone relied on reliable interpreters such as Mauro Pittón, Gianluca Ferrari and Peruzzi. Maciel was not burdened by the baptism of fire. The whole of Boedo risked more, always wanted to improve and looked for with push and clear ideas. That served to undress huge cracks in the defense of the winemaker. Amid the lack of control and confusion, Godoy Cruz lost the line after the Barca goal and suffered a lack of offensive strength. Almost did not arrive with real danger to the arch of Nicolás Navarro (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).
Ambition, criteria to circulate the ball, offensive posture. Some of the attributes that San Lorenzo showed in a first half that was definitely curious in Bajo Flores: the fans did not remember when it was the last time they had applauded the team so fervently while going to rest.
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Nahuel Barrios celebrates the goal with which the scoreboard was opened in the New Gasometer.
Despite the advantage, San Lorenzo had a superiority in the game that was not reflected on the scoreboard. Because the team went and went. The supporters applauded. But there was a long way to go: after 7 minutes of the second half Morro García recovered the ball in the middle of the court, opened to the right, Leandro Vella reached the bottom and sent the center that connected the debutant Badaloni. The Uruguayan attacker’s entry – intelligent, leader – changed his countenance to his team. Equality hit the Cyclone, which five minutes later suffered the slap of Richard Prieto. Few understood what was happening and seemed all set for a huge surprise (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).
Stunning, the fans of San Lorenzo looked at each other in the stalls. Soccer, imperfect on some occasions, difficult to explain on other occasions. Because Pizzi’s team had done nothing to lose so far. “But this is measured with goals,” it could have been Tomba’s response. Some of the reasons that make this a sport as captivating as it is changing. For its unpredictable results, for its magic. For the passion he awakens.

Prieto’s goal for the partial advantage of Godoy Cruz (1-2):

With the result in favor, Godoy Cruz showed his pride with a group of kids who put heart and rebellion. And it was at that moment that another kid came up again like Barrios, leader, spicy, daring. Puppy has a distinctive feature: he will never be afraid to face and propose one on one. At 27, the steering wheel began a maneuver in three quarters of the field, opened to the right for Ezequiel Cerutti and the center of Pocho found the head of Gino Peruzzi. An equality that was enough to correct the injustice.

Peruzzi’s goal for the San Lorenzo draw (2-2):

But a commitment like this deserved more emotions. Near the closing, Andrés Merlos charged an infraction that did not exist against Gianluca Ferrari within the area (it was seen only by the referee) and Nicolás Blandi -released in the consideration of Pizzi- marked the penalty he held to celebrate the New Gasometer. Relieve, breathe, a scream that came from the soul. San Lorenzo missed celebrating (San Lorenzo Godoy Cruz).
With an open and highly offensive football, Pizzi tries to get the message to his leaders. It is just the beginning of its second cycle, of course. But the plan to take care of who he considers his main players for next Wednesday came out round in the afternoon of Bajo Flores. He lacks filming, but victory is not little for an institution that is beaten. If you manage to sustain this path, the Cyclone will have many more chances to win. The story continues.

Blandi’s penalty goal (3-2):

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