Sensor for dogs to measure the mood and health of your dog

Sensor for dogs to measure the mood and health of your dog

Sensor for dogs Monitor pets through activity trackers (trackers), that’s the point. And like every year, CES is the ideal space to present the new devices that will go out to the canine market (in this case).

In this edition, the organization of the technology fair has distinguished with an innovation award to Animo, an activity tracker that monitors the activity of dogs, developed in Cambridge, England.

He not only collects data on his behavior but learns and interprets the patterns of his activity. It works 24/7, placed on its collar.

Sensor for dogs to measure the mood

Encouragement is a 22-gram sensor that tracks the total time, in hours and minutes, that a dog is active every day. Thus, he recognizes the amount of exercise he performs or his sedentary. Collect the information and after 7 days, the device begins to learn the “normal” levels of activity of the pet.

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Through an app that links to the device (Sensor for dogs), the person can start setting daily activity goals. If you want to determine it as your favorite target, you will receive a notification when your dog reaches it.

Daily activity is classified, for example, walking, running or any other movement, such as playing. The user can track the dog’s progress through the app, with graphics that highlight trends.

Also, the device sends alerts of significant changes in the dog’s behavior. For example, if the pet begins to have unusual behaviors, such as more frequent barking or trembling, send notifications.

Sensor for dogs

On the other hand, it analyzes long-term changes in dog behavior (proximity sensor for dogs). If some unhealthy behaviors are maintained over time, it could indicate disease and would alert you to it. Also, the user can allow people around them to see the dog’s data in the app,

Animo (from Sure Petcare) was developed together with experts in dog behavior and veterinarians. They collaborated in the creation of their algorithm that adapts to each pet (proximity sensor for dogs).

From the moment Animo connects to the collar, the algorithm begins to learn its specific features (for example, how they like to hold their heads, up or down). Adjust the criteria for decision making and data analysis concerning each particular dog.

In this case, it is a dog chest with sensors, its name is Empathy. Detect the pet’s (proximity sensor for dogs) heart rate. Thus, through an algorithm, interprets the beats to show in the chest (and through an app), your mood with colored lights.

For example, white means calm; red, emotion or expectation (for example, when they wait at the door for a walk), and multicolored, it is synonymous with happiness, among others.

For its part, Laika, presented at CES 2019, is a behavioral sensor similar to Animo. It uses a machine-learning algorithm to analyze animal performance and send reports to the person.

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