Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology When Is Spring Equinox

This year the exact point of equality occurred just before midnight and the moon will reach its fullness at 3:34, the day after it was at the closest point to Earth on its orbit according to the Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology.

The sun and the moon are preparing an astronomical night for us. The night, a minute before midnight on the 21st of March, was the point at which the sun was turning. This is actually the exact date within the entire day called the Vernal Equinox (Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology).

Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology
An illustration of the movement of the Earth around the Sun that causes differences in the length of the day and, of course, the change of seasons.    Photo: shutterstock

Coincidentally, the full moon is also very strong, a phenomenon called SUPER MOON or Moon on when the moon is close to Earth, and full simultaneously.


As far as astronomers are concerned, there is no meaning to the term super moon, invented by astrologers.From a technical point of view, astronomy is a mirage a new moon or a full moon that occurs when the Moon is in or near its perigee.

A full moon on a bright night
A full moon on a bright night

This is nothing new because the Moon comes to Pisgah once a month and in some cases twice, even if its distance varies Of 3%, but this time it is a combination of the greatest rapprochement and the moon.

The point of equality occurred a minute before midnight (still on March 20). At 3:43 am (March 21), the moon will reach its peak size, which is less water after reaching the closest point to the Earth in its elliptical orbit, and therefore it looks larger than the average full moon.

The Spring Equinox 2019 (Astrology) is one of the most celebrated astronomical events in thousands of years. The term Vernal comes from the Latin word for flowering and refers to the fact that this day marked the end of winter and the beginning of spring in the Roman Empire. Of course, this term is infected with Northern – that is to say accommodation in the Northern Hemisphere, because in the southern hemisphere it is the autumn equinox. Equinox means “equal night” (Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology) in Latin. The equinoxes of autumn and spring are the only days of the year when the time of light and darkness is equal in length, when the sun crosses the celestial equator.

On the equinoxes (Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology), the Earth’s inclination to the Sun is zero, meaning that the axis of the Earth does not point to or far from the sun. This is despite the fact that the Earth’s rotation toward its rotation plane around the Sun or the plane of the Melaka is always about 23.5 degrees.

Spring victims of Mayan

The equinoxes (Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology) and short and long days of the year (the inversion of winter and summer respectively) have been celebrated in different cultures around the world since the beginning of written history. One of the most famous celebrations in the ancient world was the Mayan religious ceremonies near the Great Pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico.


Sunday Easter is celebrated by Christians who believe in the return of Jesus and is celebrated, unlike other Christian holidays, on Sunday before or after the Day of Atonement.
Higgan – Buddhist holiday

Norse and Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology

Iranian New Year celebrates New Year (Norse) during the March equinox (Spring Equinox 2019 Astrology). According to the Persian calendar, the Norse celebrations continue for 12 days and originate in the pre-Islamic era in the Persian tradition. Preparations begin long before and include the purchase of new clothes for all members of the family and thorough cleaning of the houses. Wheat representing a new growth is grown in a flat dish a few days before the New Year in the custom known as Sabzeh or Green Hawthorn.

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