Susana Giménez: Luisana Lopilato 2020 was surprised live by her family

Susana Giménez: Luisana Lopilato 2020 was surprised live by her family

The first guest of Susana Giménez in this cycle 2019 was the actress Luisana Lopilato 2020. “What is this schedule? You like to sleep late, but I get up at 6 in the morning!”, Began complaining, in jest, the actress.

Then, she explained to the driver why she usually gets up early: “I am very obsessive, I have a person who helps me, but I have to supervise everything, Michael [Bublé, her husband] and I are very present parents. beautiful that I have in life. ”

He also told how they received Vida, their first daughter. “I was expecting a boy, I thought the third one was coming, but it was a gift from God, his dad is crazy and she loves him, kisses him, his brothers take care of her a lot and dress her as a superhero”, recounted the protagonist of Perdida .

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The actress, passing through the country for work, was the first guest of the diva Credit: Telefe Press

“After what we had as a family, it was a new bet, it brought us that,” she later revealed about choosing the girl’s name. He also recalled how he felt the support of the people when his eldest son, Noah, was sick : “Thank God, it’s very good, everything came: prayers and love, my family was always my support.”

“For now we are not thinking about having a four-year-old son, we just moved them to another room, they are very young,” the actress revealed about her family intimacy. In addition, he said that these days he is in Buenos Aires because he will start filming the prequel to Perdida , Alejandro Montiel’s movie released in 2018.

Susana Luisana Lopilato 2020 surprised

Susana Luisana Lopilato 2020 surprised her by introducing her parents, Betty and Eduardo, and her brothers Daniela and Darío. “It seemed strange to me that they were all tranquil, nobody called me or to see if I needed anything,” explained Luisana Lopilato 2019.


“This is the first time we are all together on TV, because Mom does not like cameras much,” said Daniela, while Luisana Lopilato 2019  and Susana noticed that Darío, secretly, was looking at his cell phone. “You’re making me look bad!” His sister reproached him.

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