The 1 fun blooper of Susana Gimenez when reviewing the Argentine provinces with a small expert

The 1 fun blooper of Susana Gimenez when reviewing the Argentine provinces with a small expert

Fun blooper of Susana Gimenez And he did it again! The diva starred in a fun moment in Pequeños Gigantes , together with a five-year-old Mendoza boy, Giuliano Arena, who surprised everyone for his knowledge in geography: he knew how to recognize all the Argentine provinces and all the countries in the world.

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The driver had a fun round trip with a child expert in Geography Credit: courtesy Telefe

It all started when Susana pointed out on a map of Argentina – which had the division of the provinces, without the names – Santiago del Estero. The driver asked Giuliano: “This one, what is it?”, And the boy responded quickly with precision. Laughing, the diva commented: “Is it, isn’t it? Because I …”, suggesting that she didn’t even know all the answers.

The members of the jury, Pablo Lescano, Tini Stoessel and Carla Peterson, could not help laughing at Susana’s hilarious comment.

Fun blooper of Susana Gimenez continued

The fun blooper of Susana Gimenez continued when the famous driver asked Giuliano with doubts: “I already told you this, didn’t I? Is it Santiago?”, While pointing to Cordoba. “No, it’s Córdoba,” the participant replied. Once again, everyone laughed.

After the tour of the Argentine provinces continued without pearls: Neuquén, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, all were answered correctly by the small expert. Then the diva asked him about Chubut, and Giuliano was right, but Susana asked him again about the same province. The boy insisted that the answer was the same. “Oh, yes! It’s also Chubut, but since he had a line in the middle – saying he thought it was another province – Ay is more alive than me! How I love him!”, Tried to justify Susana with great humor.

Giuliano redoubled the bet when he showed that he knew how to identify each country that Gimenez pointed out. This time, in the planisphere the names were written, covered with a white paper, and when the boy said the answer, Susana picked up the paper and you could see the name of each country written. So in this case, there was no blooper involved.

Already on the end, the boy told him that his dream is to be an aviator and to know many places in the world, and added: “Tell Marley that I want to travel with him”, managing to soften the diva. Susana replied: “But of course he must be watching,” while all jurors begged him to invite him to a chapter of For the World (fun blooper of Susana Gimenez).

It all ended with laughter, saying goodbye to Giuliano with great astonishment and congratulations from everyone: “I can’t believe it! When you go to school, in geography you already have a ten,” the driver closed.


Susana and Giuliano, the Mendoza boy who recognizes all the Argentine provinces on the map and all the countries of the world.


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