The Real Madrid Team Zidane Recovers vs Celta

He could not ask for more on his return Zinedine Zidane . A quiet game (The Real Madrid Team), against a rival little troublemaker, recovering players who seemed evicted to claim in the remainder of the season. It only cost to open the marker, but it was seen as a matter of time. Isco, in a game of Asensio, and Bale , enabled by Marcelo, underlined the change of course to close the Solari stage.

The Celta justified his precarious position and showed all the symptoms of a team that will fight to the end for the permanence.It was like a return to the past at the Bernabéu. The official lineup came out and Madrid of the Four Cups was back, except for forced absences due to injury. Keylor, Marcelo, Bale and Isco returned to the league eleven in the rerun of Zinedine Zidane, who always tends to act on logic.

The Real Madrid Team Coach Zidane

They were the men that led him to win the Champions, and at least he had to see first hand what state the team was in.

The Bernabéu accepted with naturalness the decision of his coach, turned into the leader that they hoped to close the crisis.The fact is that the ball showed that the white problem is deeper than a simple dance of names. The first time was very flat, with a lot of safety pass and little movement. With and without the ball . He had in front of an ideal rival to recover, because Celta crosses the desert without Iago Aspas.

To make matters worse, with Mallo absent due to sanction, Juncá broke on the first start and Kevin Vázquez, right back, had to move to the left. Hala, to deal with Bale. Challenge for the canterano.The first warning sounded to vindication. Benzema peeked out from the balcony of the front, put Marcelo in depth and the pass back could not resolve Isco in the half-turn.

Header From Keylor Navas

The second was thunderous. Maxi threw a dry header that found an agile response from Keylor Navas. In question of reflexes, the tico is insurmountable. There were no more Celtic arrivals that intimidated, and yet the Whites controlled the duel a little and, therefore, did not have many goal options either (The Real Madrid Team).

A shot from Bale to the crossbar and another distant shot from Marcelo, well deflected by Rubén Blanco, were the most outstanding actions of Madrid in half a game.He changed the panorama in the second act by intensity.

Madrid moved to block 20 meters and settled in Galician countryside to test their fragility. Modric appeared in the creation of the game, and that is always good news for Madrid. The Croatian combined with Isco and plugged Costas, the best Celtic defender. And he also tried a far shot that took poorly positioned white central, with Varane in the path.

Goal From Munuera The Real Madrid Team Player

Munuera gave a goal when it was very clear the interference of the Frenchman in the trajectory of the shot. Two minutes later, and after consulting the monitor, he canceled the goal well.The goal was to fall, but not before the final concession of Celta. In a clear counter, with Boufal carrying the ball, three against one, the Frenchman delivered Keylor innocent . There Galician resistance ended, as innocent in attack as in defense.

A loss in the midfield allowed Asensio to start diagonally, spectacular, put in the hole for Benzema and the French gave the goal to Isco. The malagueño celebrated with 1-0 his return to working life.

The Real Madrid Team

By the way, the VAR reviewed the situation of Benzema and concluded that there was no offside, although the images on TV offered many doubts. For those of the conspiracies.

The prize of the goal was deserved. Per game and interest of the block. Isco went by Ceballos, but who shone more was Asensio, reinforced by his jugadon. He did not appear in the second goal, which also allowed messages to the previous coach. It was made by Marcelo and billed by Bale . Two of those pointed out by Solari, who will be wondering where they were when he needed them. On the days off he did not find them, that’s for sure.

The Real Madrid Team Achieved Under Zidane

The Bernabéu lived at last a quiet game, because Celta did not rechistó in defeat. What a pity to see a team with such quality that goes at full speed towards the descent. Let Aspas return soon to recover the celestial soul. One piece can change the landscape. What Madrid has achieved with Zidane .

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