Trump continued to attack the US Parliament, the video came to light

Trump continued to attack the US Parliament, the video came to light

A video of a live coverage of the capital attack with the wife of US President Trump has surfaced.

The viral video shows President Trump watching his supporters storming parliament and vandalizing it live on TV screens in the noise of music with family and friends, as well as women and others dancing to the music. Seem to do

Trump himself, who persuaded and provoked his supporters to spread tension, continued to enjoy the scene to the fullest.

On the other hand, the account of US President Donald Trump has been suspended on a permanent basis in view of the attack on the US Congress on Wednesday and the ‘irresponsible’ tweets by the social networking website Twitter.

According to international media, the decision was made by the Twitter administration to prevent further provocations on Capitol Hill.

Twitter has announced the permanent closure of US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, saying it was done in view of the risk of further incitement to violence.

Twitter says the decision was made after a careful review of recent tweets and context by Donald Trump.

It is worth noting that on Wednesday, his account was suspended for 12 hours by tweets for messages in support of Trump, and the Twitter administration warned that if Trump used this platform If the rules are violated again, the ban will be imposed on them permanently.

President Trump is thought to have made several tweets on Wednesday calling the attackers on Capitol Hill “patriots.” On Thursday, Facebook said he would remain in office indefinitely. Is suspending Donald Trump’s account.

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