Viral video provokes effusive support for an Australian child victim of child bullying in school

Viral video provokes effusive support for an Australian child victim of child bullying in school

Child bullying in school: A video of a 9-year-old Australian citizen ‘Quaden Bells’ has recently gone viral in which he can be seen crying while being mocked by other children at school.

Video of the incident was shared by his mother, after which it was decided by the public to send the child to Disneyland.

In the video shared, the child is crying and saying that he wants to die.

The child’s video was posted by his mother, in which he said that mocking someone is the result.

After which the video of the infected child quickly went viral and several eminent people appeared to speak in support of it.


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Hollywood celebrity comedian Brad Williams launched a campaign to raise money to remove a child from trauma and send him to Disneyland, where more and more peoples have participated and nearly 3 million dollars have been collected.

Millions of people were seen on Quaden’s video on the Internet and shared their children’s video messages with them in sympathy (child bullying in school).

Several celebrities have also voiced support for the child, including Australian star ‘How Jackman’ and basketball player ‘Ennis Kantar’.

Jackman shared a video message on his Twitter account stating that ‘you are very brave my friend’ and at the same time he appealed to people to be kind to such people (child bullying in school).

At a press conference, Quaidin’s mother said that her son’s video made people realize the impact of being a joke.

He added that many people do not know their lives because of this joke, racism, and discrimination.

The worst nightmare for a parent is that their child is touched by them and I see this happening every day.

What was in the video shared by Codeine? (child bullying in school)

In a 6-minute video, Quaidin’s mother described how her son’s short stature made unbearable jokes, and he faces such behavior every day.

“I went to school for my son, I saw the kids making fun of him, then I talked to the school principal and I wanted people to know that it was a bad outcome,” he said. To make fun of ‘.

He said that every day something new, a new joke or a new joke or a new name is called.

He asked, “Can’t you better train your children, family?”

Also, Glen Martin, chairman of the UK-based Restricted Growth Association, who is also a lowly figure himself, says he is happy that this story has come to the public, I think people must think it (child bullying in school). They are going to make fun of us.

American low-cost motivational speaker Becky Korn Kikola also reacted to the incident, saying, “It seems to me that people are watching us, staring at us and laughing at us.”

Besides, Warrick Davis, co-founder, and actor of Little People UK, says he was deeply saddened to see the video, and it is more regrettable to see such things even nowadays, I think in that regard. Parents should play their part in the better education of children.

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