Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020 Written Episode 8 Update Nikki Tamboli Becomes The First Confirmed Contestant

Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020 Written Episode 8 Update Nikki Tamboli Becomes The First Confirmed Contestant

Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020 Weekend Ka Vaar

Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020
Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020 Written Episode 8 Update

Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He sits in his theater and says it’s fun to be here, it’s BB theater. I don’t remember once I last visited stage . He says tons happened during this first week. Seniors gave a task and two inmates became immune. Bigg Boss then gave them a bulldozer task and see what happened. Sid tells Abhi that the sport is for you, you’ve got to urge up now. Rubina says am i able to help him now? Sid says he can come again and fight. Rubina asks Abhi to urge up, i’m here baby. She asks what does one want? Abhi says i would like to listen to from all three. Gauhar asks Hina. Hina, Gauhar and Sid agree that he’s disqualified for this round. Rubina takes Abhi from the bulldozer and sends him to the pool (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020). Nishant says sorry to Abhi.

3:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Sarah and Pavitra are sitting on the bulldozer. Nikki and Eijaz work to urge them down. Nikki is throwing a bottle on Sarah. Shahzad says you can’t do that Nikki. Sid says don’t stop her, you’ll do your work. Gauhar asks Nikki to not pinch Sara. Nishant throws powder on Pavitra. Jasmin takes the place and asks Pavitra to urge down. Pavitra says i will be able to be with you if you’re taking my side. Jasmin says I came alone and can remain alone.

Abhi is huffing so Rubina cries and screams BB we would like a doctor ASAP. Hina asks what happened? Rubina shouts that i would like a doctor, they’re all animals. they’re all illiterate. Sid asks Rubina to settle down , he’s better. Rubina says he’s not better, it’s gone up his nose. Sid says it had been just powder, it happens all the time. Rubina says no, he’s not fine. Sid says he had a option to get down from the bulldozer. Abhi asks Rubina to not panic, I am fine. Rubi sits with him and asks if he’s fine? Abhi says I can panic but you can’t panic (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020).

Telecast Date: 10th October 2020
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Shahzad covers Sarah in toiletry . She says keep your nails faraway from me. She cries so Shahzad says I even have to. Gauhar says nobody is coming forward. Hina says nobody is interested. Shahzad says someone should come to attack Pavitra. Hina says someone should attack Pavitra. Eijaz brings a trimmer and tells Pavitra that i’m cutting your hair. He cuts some hair of hers. Gauhar and Hina are stunned. Eijaz tells Pavitra that i will be able to keep cutting your hair. Sarah is crying as Nikki and Shahzad attack her. Sarah says i’m getting down. Hina takes Sarah away so Shahzad takes her place. Eijaz and Hina bring Sarah within the pool. Sarah cries and says I can’t open my eyes. Jasmin says you’ll be fine, Jasmin cries for Sarah. Hina hugs Jasmin. Jasmin says i will be able to wash your face with milk. it’ll be fine (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020).

4:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Jasmin and Hina are helping Sarah.
Nikki and Rahul attack Shahzad and Pavitra. Rahul asks Shahzad to urge up. He attacks him with a paste and asks him to urge up. Shahzad gets up and runs to the pool. Rahul takes his place. Nikki attacks Rahul’s face with toiletry . Eijaz is rubbing a paste on Pavitra’s face and asks her to urge down, i would like an opportunity . Sarah asks Pavitra to not get down. Nikki takes Shahzad’s place. Sid tells Hina that i would like her to win, they’re really doing well. Sid says Pavitra deserves it.

4:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Sarah brings Nikki’s structure . Eijaz says destroy her makeup. Sarah destroys Nikki’s makeup and asks her to urge down. Sid tells Hina that this is often tough but she is robust . Eijaz is attacking Pavitra and asks her to urge down. The buzzer and therefore the task ends. All clap for Nikki and Pavitra. Eijaz picks Pavitra up and takes her to the pool. Nishant brings Nikki to the pool. She screams and cries. Sid says Pavitra was so deserving. they’re both stars. Bigg Boss says the task has ended (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020). Nikki and Pavitra won the task and possesses immunity. Pavitra cries and Eijaz hugs her. Sid says Pavitra played alright .

Salman says they performed alright .

5:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Pavitra comes of the pool and Rahul hugs her. He says you played alright . Pavitra says i will be able to never curse you.

Gauhar says Nikki didn’t rise up when her makeup was broken. Sid tells Nikki that i will be able to send all the makeup for you.

Rubina tells Abhi that Eijaz has cut Pavitra’s hair and now hugging her. Rubina says he has brought two personalities, one is that the calm one. Abhi says Sid thinks we are being ungrateful. It’s not like he’s massaging our feet. Rubina says he has got to show his importance, it’s not like we are cursing him (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020).

6 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Sarah tells Rubina that I had an educator who had a favourite and that they always favored her. Abhi says they’re going to attempt to shatter you. Rubina says Gauhar was giving water to Nikki, I requested Hina to assist you but she didn’t. I asked Sid but he said they can’t be involved. Gauhar helps Nikki at each step. Sarah says why? Rubina says you’ll understand soon.

Nikki tells Hina and Sid that i used to be so scared to take a seat the second time. Sid says you probably did great. Nikki says I don’t worry about the makeup. Hina says you’ll get anything from me, i will be able to leave it for you. Nikki says it’s not important on behalf of me anymore. Sid says public will go crazy for you now.

On the Stage Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020:
Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says we saw drama, melodrama and destruction also. We are taking it up the notch today. it’ll action packed episode with my reactions. He says today Nikki or Pavitra will get the facility which might be adequate to a senior. you’ll realize it soon. He says it’s time to attach with the inmates.
Salman connects the video call to the house. Everyone greets him. Salman says you all look nice, what an opportunity . Rubina says I even have started wearing Abhi’s clothes? Salman says today too? Rubina laughs and says no it’s my dress. Salman says you guys must have exchanged night gowns at your house. Abhi laughs and says no. Salman tells the inmates that it’s time for the storm. i feel Jaan knows what’s getting to happen. He says no idea sir. Salman says we knew that. He congrats Jaan for coming to Bigg Boss, all laugh. Salman jokes about his father singing heyyyy heyy to him. Salman asks him to require time during this house. Salman says I say this all the time in every season. Salman says there was Tehseen last season who wanted to win the show (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020). Salman says you shouldn’t show that much competition.

In the house:
4 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020

Pavitra and Abhi are sitting on the scooper of the bulldozer. Rubina is throwing water on Abhi to wash his face. Shahzad says this is often wrong. Gauhar says Abhi is disqualified. Hina asks Gauhar to offer Rubina an opportunity , she won’t roll in the hay again. he’s struggling. Gauhar says but it’s wrong to wipe his face with water. Gauhar says Abhi is disqualified by helping Rubina. Abhi says she didn’t clean my face. Gauhar asks Rubina if she gave him water? She says I did throw water on him but the sport isn’t happening . Salman says Nikki and Pavitra congrats. Nikki says many thanks (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020). Salman says you both performed well. Salman asks Nikki what’s getting to happen today? One goes home but tomorrow. He says between Nikki and Pavitra, one are going to be moved from TBC to the confirmed list. they’re going to join seniors and obtain powers a bit like seniors. Seniors will decide who are going to be confirmed.
Salman asks Jasmin about her dress. Jasmin says I had to barter tons . Salman asks if she washed it? She says I can’t wash it properly. I don’t skills to scrub the garments , the detergent wasn’t beginning but i will be able to learn. Salman says a detergent company wanted to require you onboard but they saw you crying on TV over detergent and canceled you. Salman says what proportion detergent would you would like to scrub my clothes and BB’s underwear? Jasmin counts and says i will be able to need 3 scoops of detergent (Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020). All laugh. Salman asks who can tell as an expert. Nishant says Jaan washes the garments well. Salman asks Jaan where did you learn washing the clothes? does one practice singing while washing clothes? Jaan says I even have learned all the housework . i feel Jasmin is employing a lot more detergent. Jasmin says i’m always confused. I miss my Biki who is my house-keeper. i’m missing her the foremost here. Salman says call her within the house. Jasmin says I miss my dog Rambo. i really like him such a lot(Watch Bigg Boss 14 10th October 2020).

Salman tells Pavitra that you simply are pure so i would like to ask about you talking about Eijaz. you usually say that you simply have heard tons about Eijaz, what have you ever heard about him? Pavitra says I even have told Eijaz that I even have heard he’s an aggressive person. Eijaz laughs. Pavitra says I had interactions with him but he’s not an aggressive person. Salman says Eijaz isn’t an aggressive person, i do know him. Eijaz says Nikki has called me aggressive also . Salman asks Nikki? Nikki says I even have heard that he’s an aggressive person. Salman asks Pavitra why you would like to ascertain his aggressive side? Pavitra says no, he’s calm here and really soft. Salman says when the proper time comes, he will put down his point.

Salman tells the inmates that i would like to share a secret. Salman tells everyone that some live viewers are watching you within the house. All are surprised. Salman says they need their separate cameras. Salman says did you are feeling someone is watching you? Did you get that uneasy feeling? i would like to point out you what they’re watching. He shows the image of Nishant, Sarah and Abhi. He says they’re viewers but they’re staying within the house. They desire they’re a part of the show but they’re acting like spectators within the house. Sid laughs. Salman asks Jasmin did she understand what he said? Jasmin says I understood that Abhi, Sarah and Nishant are just spectators and not actively involved. Salman says you’re correct. Salman says there an enormous fan of Bigg Boss who is chilling within the house which person is Jaan. Salman says will you show your specialty to the audience? Jaan says yes.

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