Watch Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode 9 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode 9 Update

Watch bigg boss 14 Elimination Day, Salman Khan comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. Salman says yesterday Nikki was chosen to be ‘confirmed’. All had questions.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode 9
Watch Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode 9

In the House Watch bigg boss 14:

Nikki thanks the seniors. Abhi congratulates her. Eijaz says she may be a senior now. are you able to do my work? She says i will be able to . Eijaz says you recognize you had hurt Pavitra and Sarah within the task, you didn’t even ask her how she is. Nikki says i will be able to ask Sarah alone. Eijaz says you’ve got no humanity? Nikki says you don’t tell me when to point out it (Watch bigg boss 14).

Telecast Date: 11th October 2020
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Sarah cries so Jasmin consoles her. She asks what happened? Sarah says they ask to be yourself then tell show something different. Jasmin says we’ve come to play a game. Sarah says if i’m a pleasant person then I can’t be real? Jasmin says this is often a game, you don’t want to vary your life for it.

Nikki tells Eijaz that this is often my personality (Watch bigg boss 14). i’m not showing anything fake. Eijaz tells Sid and Gauhar that Nikki has hurt Sarah’s eye and she or he possesses that reward for it? Sid says no she is simply being real, you would like her to not be real? She is doing her work. Sid tells Eijaz she is showing her strong personality. Eijaz says but people are becoming hungry due to her? If someone is making others hungry then she is doing her work? Sid says she possesses her work done, you people bow right down to her so she features a strong personality. Eijaz says but there’s no humanity in that? Sid says you’ve got to point out personality here. Eijaz says she doesn’t care if people are hungry due to her and she or he is getting rewarded for that? Gauhar says she has won the task twice , she was hurt within the task too. you’re being partial Eijaz. Sid tells Eijaz that you simply are being biased. Gauhar says Nikki is making an attempt .

On the Stage Watch bigg boss 14:

Salmann connects the decision to the house. He says we’ll talk tons but some guests are coming. The cricketers Hardik, Rahul and Ishan. He introduces everyone to the cricketers. Salman says they’re going to ask some questions.
Hardik asks Eijaz who is playing sixes within the house? He says me. Hardik asks Gauhar who is an underdog? Gauhar says i feel Rubina as she was within the garden only. Salman says she could have banged her head like Swami Om so get the eye . Rahul asks Sid who will do hit-wicket? He says Shahzad was a hit-wicket. Hardik asks Rubina who between Abhi and Rubina will reach the end? Who will make the opposite run out? Rubina says i feel i will be able to get him run-out. Rubina says I play Chess so I don’t know cricket. Abhi says i’m impulsive so she might get run-out due to her. Ishan asks Hina who will have the wicket lost first? Hina says i feel Sarah. Sarah says I took time to kick-start. Salman says but they’re going to kick you out. Rahul asks Jasmin who will play googly? Jasmin says Rubina plays googlies here. Rahul asks who plays on the front-foot and who on the back-foot? Pavitra says I play on the front foot and that i think Jasmin plays on the back-foot. Jasmin says i’m taking my time to return to the front foot. Salman thanks the cricketers and ends the decision .

Salman tells the inmates that Sid is getting married. Hina says really? With whom? Salman says he’s getting married on 12th.. he’s getting married on Balika Vadhu. All laugh.
Salman tells the inmates that we all need to play the proper game to urge the TRP. Be honest with this platform. You people are becoming an excellent response (Watch bigg boss 14). Salman tells the seniors that you simply are keeping an in depth eye on the freshers but they’re keeping an eye fixed on you furthermore may .
Salman says i will be able to say the statements about seniors. the primary statement is that ‘they will keep sending seniors to fool us’. Sid says i feel Eijaz may need said it. Salman says right. Salman says subsequent statement is ‘Sid wants to point out his importance’. Gauhar says i feel it’s Abhi and Rubina. Salman says the opposite statement is ‘they have come for 2 weeks so allow them to enjoy then we’ll play our game’ (Watch bigg boss 14). Gauhar says i feel Pavitra must have said it. She says not in the least . She says then Nishant. Pavitra says you people think that I disrespect you, seniors. Salman says Nishant said it. Pavitra tells the seniors that you simply people are accusing me once I don’t say anything. Gauhar says i’m just reading visual communication .

Salman tells the seniors that we’ll send a report now. you’ve got to inform which statement should tend to which fresher. Pavitra is upset that the seniors took her name for back-biting about them. Pavitra gets emotional and cries. Gauhare consoles her. Salman says how can they think like this. All laugh.
Salman says the primary statement is that ‘he may be a joke’. Hina says it’s Eijaz, Gauhar says i feel it’s Rahul. Sid says i feel it’s Eijaz. Salman says who is that the fakest till now? Hina says Nishant. Gauhar says Nishant. Sid says it’s Jasmin, she isn’t being herself. Salman says who doesn’t have guts for this game? Hina says i feel it’s Sarah. Gauhar says Sarah has shown strength within the tasks (Watch bigg boss 14). Rahul has shown power while taking a stand. I can’t do that . She takes Rahul and Sarah’s name. Sid says i feel it’s Sarah, she tried her best within the task but she didn’t stand call at the house.
Salman ask who is over-planned and over-calculated? Hina says i feel Shahzad as he always says that he has watched all the seasons. Gauhar says it’s Rubina as she is creating confusions due to her calculations, she is making things complex. Sid says it’s Nishant and Shahzad, they need planned the way to look within the house.
Salman asks who is ideal for the Bigg Boss? Hina says Nikki may be a senior now so it’s Pavitra. Gauhar says it’s Pavitra as she has all the qualities. Pavitra thanks her. Sid says it’s Pavitra on behalf of me also. I even have worked together with her so i do know if she wants to require on everyone then she is going to , she is simply opening up and can show her colors. I even have bet my money on her (Watch bigg boss 14).
Salman asks who may be a disappointment? Hina says it’s Rubina, she isn’t showing herself. Gauhar says i feel it’s Abhi, he’s forward and is taking a lead but when there’s a time to speak , he doesn’t make things clear. He doesn’t talk black and white when it’s about Rubina. Sid takes Rubina’s name and says i assumed she may be a strong person but she is just too critical and thinks that everybody is against her. She should have a more positive approach.
Salman says our new senior Nikki will give her test now. He says we’ll see what proportion you recognize other freshers. Salman asks Jaan and Abhi to bring items from the storeroom as they’re not doing anything .
Salman makes everyone wear balloons about misunderstandings. Salman asks Nikki what misunderstanding they have? Nikki bursts Jasmin’s balloon and says she talks behind the backs but she thinks she may be a straightforward person. Nikki bursts Rubina’s ballon and says she is extremely smart but acts like she is dumb. Nikki bursts Abhi’s balloon saying he thinks he’s shown on the show but he isn’t. She bursts Nishant’s balloon saying he’s not showing himself. She bursts Jaan’s balloon as he’s not taking his decisions. She bursts Rahul’s balloon as he thinks he can get a kiss from anyone. Sid says it had been his task by us. Nikki bursts Eijaz’s balloon as he doesn’t know BB has started, he’s still within the shock. Eijaz says yes i’m within the coma (Watch bigg boss 14).
Salman asks other freshers to bursts two balloons. Nishant bursts Shahzad’s balloon as he thinks he knows the sport . He bursts Rahul’s balloon as he thinks it’s a singing show and he should show his personality. Salman laughs and says you’re not seen yourself Watch bigg boss 14. Rahul bursts Nishant’s balloon as he’s very fake. He bursts Jaan’s balloon as he’s not showing his personality. Salman asks Pavitra. She bursts Jaan’s balloon as he doesn’t know what stand he has got to take, he’s confused here. Sid says what’s his misunderstanding? Pavitra says he thinks he’s playing his game but he’s not. Pavitra bursts Eijaz’s balloon and says he’s not opening his cards. She says sorry and kisses his cheek.
Rubina bursts Jasmin’s balloon as she is playing a damsel in distress. Jasmin talks behind others’ backs. She bursts Pavitra’s balloon saying she pretends somber ahead of the seniors. She wants favoritism to be done to her. Pavitra says I never invite their favors Watch bigg boss 14. Rubina says i feel you’ve got a misunderstanding that if they don’t favor you then you’re not playing well. Pavitra says they guessed my name when a press release against them was played. i used to be hurt because I respect them and that’s why I cried, I don’t want their favoritism. Rubina says I just want to inform you that you simply shouldn’t have misunderstanding to feel bad about them thinking anything about you.

Salman tells the inmates that you simply know who seniors are favoring now. You all should play properly. He asks them to satisfy guests within the activity area.

In the Activity Area Watch bigg boss 14:
Meher and Sarab are within the activity area. Salman asks Meher if she is okay? She says i really like Sarab but people don’t understand. Sarab comes there and says when did you come Meher? Meher says you were busy setting your turban. Salman asks about his qualities? Meher says he snores tons . Sarab says you retain talking all day. Salman asks them to not fight. I need to know your marriage anniversary is coming up? Congrats. He says you guys make a gorgeous couple and that i pray for your like to grow. They thank him. Salman says we’ll see what they are doing Watch bigg boss 14 .

In the House Watch bigg boss 14:
Meher and Sarab connect the house through the video call. Meher says we are enjoying the show and that we were excited to return here. Sarab says we’ve heard that these fortnight are important and can decide your luck. Sarab says we’ll make your relationship with seniors exciting. Meher says seniors will sell two freshers as products. they’re going to highlight the USP and therefore the qualities of the freshers. Sarab says then we’ll select a fresher, the one that loses will need to sit on a wheel and obtain slapped Watch bigg boss 14. All cheer.

Meher calls Sid first and asks him to bring Jasmin and Sarah as his products.

Meher says next is Hina with Rahul and Eijaz. Hina says Eijaz eats very less to save lots of for others, he’s always able to help others. he’s very sweet. She says Rahul talks when it’s needed, he’s calm and doesn’t show involvement within the irrelevant places. He entertains us together with his singing. Meher says we liked Rahul. He will get coffee. Rahul says i will be able to blackmail others now. Meher says you’ll make others jealous. Rahul sings and slaps Eijaz using the propeller.

Meher wishes luck to Rubina and says i’m your fan, all are liking you. She thanks, everyone. They both leave the house.

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