Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2020 Written Episode 10 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2020 Written Episode 10 Update

Nomination & Eviction Special Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October Day 9, 8 AM Inmates awaken to the song Disco Deewane. all of them awaken and dance. Gauhar dances and enjoys.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2020
Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2020

10:45 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October

Eijaz asks if he can use the gym? Gauhar says you’ve got to ask Hina. Sid says you’ll ask Nikki. Eijaz says Nikki ma’am if he can use the gym? Nikki says i’m in-charge of my duties. you’ll ask Hina. Eijaz says many thanks for your guidance. Sid laughs.
Nishant tells Nikki that he’s provoking you to urge attention.

Telecast Date: 12th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 11 AM

Jaan tells Nishant that I gifted a toy puppy to my ex and she or he gave it to somebody else .
Eijaz tells Rahul that they’re that specialize in game now? He involves Jaan and says what are you doing? Are you that specialize in your game? Jaan says we are talking. Nishant says he should specialise in his game.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 11:15 AM

Eijaz asks for the things . Sarah says i would like items. Abhi says we’ve to reasonable. Eijaz says I even have got 1 item only till now. Sarah says I even have nothing of mine, i’m asking others to urge things. I cannot affect this anymore. Eijaz says i will be able to leave my 2 items for you Sarah. Pavitra says i will be able to get 4 items. Abhi says you can’t use 7 items during a day. Rahul says Abhi this is often not relevant. Abhi says if you don’t have an answer then shut up. i’m trying to urge the things to concentrate to reduce . Sarah says I even have no clothes. Shahzad says give some items to Sarah, she doesn’t have clothes. Jaan tells Shahzad that why you’re talking out of nowhere? Shahzad says i would like two items of my very own .
Sid tells Hina that they don’t compromise on 1 item per person but when the task comes then they easily let an individual win. We won’t tell them the way to roll in the hay . Hina says i’m not telling them anything.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 11:30 AM

Jaan involves Eijaz. Jasmin is functioning within the kitchen. Jaan asks Eijaz to not eat that much. Eijaz says to specialise in your game, you’re half hanging within the grave. Jaan says i used to be not making fun of you. i used to be lecture you normally. Eijaz says that they had opinions about you yesterday. We celebrated happening but people think that you simply people are making fun of me. Don’t specialise in me. Jaan says i’m not that specialize in you.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 1:15 PM

Abhi says we are cleaning the fridge so if anyone wants to save lots of anything then reserve it . Rahul says I had my left-over food saved within the fridge. Abhi says we’ve kept it safe. Rahul says I don’t trust anyone, people are stealing eggs here. Abhi says you create no sense. Rahul says you mention useless things. does one need a screwdriver? Abhi says i will be able to tighten your screws soon. Rahul says my eggs were stolen. Abhi says you’re frustrated. Rahul says you look frustrated. Abhi laughs and says i’m not from this side. Rahul says it had been the primary week so all were acting nice, now all will show their reality. Pavitra says nobody was innocent before, they were all playing a game. Rahul says they’re all showing their cards now. Sid and Hina clap for him.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2:15 PM

Nikki is steam-ironing boxers. Pavitra says whose are they? She says my ex-boyfriend. Pavitra says if you liked him then why did you leave? Nikki says I got bored. Pavitra laughs and says it’s my problem too. Jaan says she is giving him an excessive amount of respect.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2:30 PM

Jaan is cleaning the ground . Eijaz pokes him and pushes him. Jaan says don’t roll in the hay , i’m working here and that i was close to subside . Eijaz says don’t shout at me again. Jaan says then don’t mess with me again. Eijaz says fine.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 8:15 PM

Jaan asks Nikki what she cares Rubina? Nikki says she is doing a drama and can burst out soon. Nishant says she features a teacher attitude. Nikki says she does dominate at some points. Nishant says no she scolds sort of a mom. Jaan says I hate when she calls me Babu. Nikki says I hate it. Jaan says she washes dishes in installments. Pavitra says she makes everyone crazy.

Abhi says to Rubina that when tables will turn around? Rubina says we’ve to talk up. Nikki spoke up, we don’t like her but she is giving content. Sarah says she is being guided. Abhi says she is being guided and backed-up well.

Jaan involves Rubina that i will be able to wash the dishes just one occasion only. You inquire from me to scrub dishes before eating then after eating. Rubina says I just wanted to wash some dishes before eating then some after eating. we will roll in the hay in two installments. Jaan says no we’ll roll in the hay in one installment only. He leaves. Rubina says Nikki was giving him tips to travel against me. Abhi laughs. Rubina says he’s a fool. Sarah says he’s a push-over.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October Day 10 12 PM

Jasmin tells Jaan that we will mention the things . does one want three things? He says yes. Jasmin says you shouldn’t play as a side-kick. you ought to play independently. you ought to play sort of a lion. Jaan says what does this need to do with items? Jasmin says i’m giving my opinion. Jaan says you fight for your things. Jasmin says i will be able to fight for my things, i’m a wise person. Jaan says you can’t expect things from me. Jasmin says i assumed you were a pleasant and considerate person but someone must have pumped you. Jaan says I even have been nice till now but I don’t want to anymore. Jasmin says it’s my observation, i’m not a dumb person to not see who is feeding you all this.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 12:15 PM

Hina tells Jasmin that if I offer you a task then you’ll 3 three items. you’ve got to inform me who should and who shouldn’t get items.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 1 PM

Rahul and Nikki are eating. Rahul says babu.. Nikki says I hate this word. Gauhar brings tea for Sid. Sid says i will be able to fall crazy with you wish this. I even have to guard my heart now. Gauhar says you say anything. Sid says i will be able to forget what you said on social media. Gauhar laughs and asks him to shut up.

Gauhar is within the confession room. a lover asks who is your favorite and might enter the highest 5? Gauhar says I even have three favorites. First is Pavitra, then Nikki then Eijaz. He has that quirk. It’s early about top 5 but i feel Pavitra will certainly be within the top 5. The fan thanks her and ends the decision .

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October *NOMINATIONS* 4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says to the inmates that it’s time for the primary nominations of this season. you’ll each nominate 2 inmates and need to provides a solid reason. Nikki is safe from this nomination and nobody can nominate her. You all will go one by one. you’ll break pots of the inmates that you simply want to nominate.

*Nishant:* He nominates Shahzad as they don’t have a bond from day one. He nominates Rahul as they need some negativity. He tried today but still, we don’t have an honest bond.

*Eijaz:* He nominates Rahul as his energy is off. I don’t understand him and that i won’t be ready to adjust with him. He nominates Nishant as he’s acting affected. He should come to the fore and show his real self.
*Abhinav:* He nominates Rahul as he seems lost. I even have nothing personal but he doesn’t wish to work. he’s not welcoming. He nominates Nishant because he sprayed on his face. Nishant says you accepted my apology but you’re keeping a grudge.

*Jasmin:* She nominates Nishant as she doesn’t have a bond with him. She nominates Jaan as he’s losing his personality. he’s being influenced. You shouldn’t have identity crises here. i’m sorry Jaan.

*Jaan:* He nominates Rahul as he can’t figure him out. He talks too sweetly but his actions are different. He nominates Sarah and says i do know this is often surprising but her personality isn’t seen. I see her clones but not the first Sarah.

*Rubina:* She nominates Nishant for being too aggressive within the task. We are educated people so we shouldn’t lose control like this. She nominates Eijaz saying he can do anything to win this game. She says he had a sudden switch . you’ll put your relationships at stake for the tasks. Eijaz says I take that as a compliment.
*Pavitra:* She nominates Rahul because I can’t understand him. i would like to become his friend but I don’t feel his warmth. She nominates Eijaz because we had a robust bond, I wanted to speak to him only but his behavior is extremely changed since last two days. Eijaz nods and smiles.

*Rahul:* He says I don’t understand why people are saying it’s not personal. All are here for private gain. He says my first nomination is Abhi as he thinks i’m not welcoming. He says irrelevant things. he’s learning on me for a few days now. He nominates Nishant and says equations are changing here daily. We do have negativity but things were changing and you shouldn’t have considered it. I wouldn’t have nominated you but you nominated me first.

*Shahzad:* He nominates Nishant as their vibes aren’t matching. He nominates Jaan as he’s being influenced by others. He doesn’t have individuality.

*Sarah:* She nominates Jaan for being influenced, he’s not using his mind. he’s getting used . She nominates Rahul as she tried tons but he keeps picking on things.

*Nikki:* She nominates Shahzad for being irritating. He talks non-sense. he’s lazy and tries to select on useless things (Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October). She nominates Abhi and says he’s lost since Rubina has inherit the house. i would like to know him and become his friend. He can take his time. Abhi laughs. Sid says he’s married and his wife his here. They still love one another .

Bigg Boss says the nominations are done and it’s time to announce the results (Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October) . The nominated inmates are: NISHANT, RAHUL, SHAHZAD, JAAN, SARAH, EIJAZ and ABHINAV. Rahul says i really like you Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says you freshers have given your decision but we’ve three seniors. they need some powers to vary the sport . We are giving them a right to mutually decide that one inmate among the nominated inmates who are going to be eliminated today only. All are shocked. Gauhar says we are sorry. Bigg Boss says scene palte ga. It’s nothing personal. All are in shock. Nikki tells Rahul that you simply won’t go. Don’t worry. Let’s go inside. Rahul is tensed. Nikki says don’t be scared.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 11th October 2020 Written Episode 9 Update

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