Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020 Written Episode 11 Update Eijaz’s Beef Against Pavitra Grows

Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020 Written Episode 11 Update Eijaz’s Beef Against Pavitra Grows

Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020 Written Episode 11 Update Day 11 8 AM
The inmates awaken to the song gulaboo. Nikki hugs Jaan. Eijaz dances alone. Rubina and Gauhar dance together.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

9 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Telecast Date: 13th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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Hina asks Eijaz if he solved the problems together with his ally . Eijaz says she isn’t my ally Pavitra. Hina says maybe she may be a little possessive about you. Eijaz says i’m not a commodity. Hina says she does care and love you. Eijaz says you don’t love in 4 days. You nominate people you don’t like. Hina says she must have done an error . Eijaz says nomination may be a big thing, she nominated for no reason. Hina says she deserves an opportunity .

9:30 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Gauhar says Eijaz is in shock. Pavitra says he has announced a war against me. Gauhar says in any case the kisses you gave him yesterday? Pavitra says no, he said that he will become my friend after the sport . Sid says so he will meet you after the show? Eijaz tells that they’re going to hug now only one among them leaves. All cheer. Hina sings dushman wala kaam kiya hai. Sid taunts that it’s nothing personal. Eijaz says I gave her a hug but she will keep it. Sid says she shit on you then . Eijaz tells Pavitra that we won’t hug now. Pavitra says i will be able to remember this. Eijaz says we’ll hug when one among them leaves.

10 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Pavitra tells Rubina that i’m keeping Eijaz’s respect. He treated me badly for 2 days so he deserved that nomination but still, i’m a dumb fool and that i said sorry as I didn’t want him to travel . He can nominate me hebdomadally . I won’t hug him even once I leave. Rubina says what’s hurting you? He didn’t reach you? Pavitra says i attempted reaching for him tons , we’ve a standard friend. I even have talked to Eijaz twice before. I never talked about the sport with him. i assumed that he was a pleasant person, I didn’t want to lose him last night. I don’t care about nominations.

10:30 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Jasmin asks Hina if they ought to have a mutual discussion? Hina says yes. Rahul says I didn’t get any item, i would like 2 items. Hina says he should get 2 items. Abhi says i would like 2 items. Jasmin says I gave you one item yesterday. Abhi says then i will be able to take one item. Jasmin says I didn’t take any item yesterday. Rahul says you took on the weekend. She says i would like 2 items. Nishant says I don’t want anything. Jasmin says Pavitra wants 2 items so we are sorted with 7 items.

11 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Nishant involves Nikki and asks if he did something? Nikki says you would like to be within the good books of everyone. Nishant says I agreed yesterday with Jasmin that i will be able to not take anything today.

Shahzad tells Jaan that I asked you to stay one thing on behalf of me . Jaan says I told Jasmin. Jaan tells Shahzad that he’s trying to fight with him. Shahzad says I just talked to you, you’re angry because I nominated you. Jasmin tells Shahzad that we’ll work on our relationships.

12 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Jaan tells Nishant that I can’t change myself. If i’m on the brink of Nikki then that doesn’t mean she will cross the road . Nishant says I stop her when she crosses the road , she is extremely immature. Jaan says she doesn’t have heart.

1:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Shahzad tells Abhi that your two votes count. you ought to have voted from other side. Pavitra says we’ve to form a pact, we shouldn’t nominate one another in any case. Shahzad says Abhi, Rubina and Eijaz are at one side. Pavitra says I don’t care about Eijaz’s look-out. i’m not happening Nikki’s side. i will be able to choose sensible people.

Rahul sits with Nikki, Jaan and Nishant. He says they’re 5, they need formed a gaggle and that we are 4. Nikki says that doesn’t matter. Rahul says we’ll do our work.

2:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Nikki is in her SPA area. Jaan activates the massage seat for her. He massages her back. Gauhar says i will be able to come after Nikki. Nikki screams asks as Jaan massages her. Nikki says it’s so soothing. He massages her head. She says many thanks Bigg Boss. He says thank me also. She says many thanks Jaan. He laughs and massages her back. Nikki says if I even have to offer massage to Rubina and Shahzad then I won’t roll in the hay . i prefer to try to to things for my friends. Jaan says what about Eijaz? Nikki says never, I danced around Eijaz on the stage. He massages her ears. Nishant says a touch bit below. Jaan grabs her neck. Nikki says don’t hear him, he is new. Jaan says Nishant will tell us what Nikki and Jaan should do.

3:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Gauhar reads the instructions that yesterday’s nominations are done and canceled. we’ll have a replacement nomination task now. you’ll win and obtain saved. The task is ‘Mere angne me tumhara kia kaam’. Rubina, Abhi, Jasmin, Jaan and Shahzad are going to be one team. Team B are going to be Eijaz, Pavitra, Nishant and Rahul. there’s farmland so both the teams need to make their farm more pretty and larger than the opposite team. The winning team are going to be saved from the nominations and therefore the losing team are going to be nominated.

4 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Pavitra tells Eijaz that planning won’t work here. Eijaz says I wanted to try to to the task basic thing.

Nikki tells Jasmin that first makes your farm. If you begin destroying then you won’t get anything made.
Rubina tells Jasmin and Abhi that Jaan will tell our strategy to Nikki. Abhi says if Nikki plays unfairly then her problem. we’ll do our work.

4:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Pavitra tells Eijaz that we don’t need to act here. Do the nasty things if you’ve got to but with strategy.

The buzzer plays. Hina laughs at Sid that he’s selling grass now. a minimum of he got some work after the lockdown. Sid laughs. Hina tells Nikki that just one person can come to shop for at a time. Nikki says i’m making this rule that anyone can come to shop for . Gauhar says Nikki can decide what rules should be. Sid says she may be a regulator. Gauhar says no, the referee can take decisions. Sid says they changed things by the 14th season. Gauhar says I don’t think so.

Abhi tickles Nishant but Nishant says this is often not allowed. Nikki asks Abhi to not roll in the hay . Abhi tries to grab the soil. Eijaz asks Nishant to not let it go. Nishant is obstructing Abhi. Eijaz asks Pavitra to into hiding. Abhi goes and hides the soil pieces within the house. Nikki says this is often not allowed. Nishant says he’s a thief.

5:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Bigg Boss says to the inmates that you simply all need to attempt to make the farm beautiful. you’ll attempt to destroy other’s farm but that’s not the most task. you’ve got to first make your farm. we’ll open Gauhar’s farm again.

5:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Jasmin tells Jaan that we’ll grab one another to guard our things.
Jasmin tells Nikki that she was partial. Jasmin tells Nikki that you simply weren’t fair and Bigg Boss had to intervene as you weren’t doing all of your job. Nikki says the task stopped due to you. Pavitra says Nikki wasn’t partial in anything this whole week. Nikki says I didn’t stop Jasmin when she visited her farm with two people already there. Abhi says you didn’t stop the opposite team also. Abhi says but they didn’t hear you, you’ve got the authority to prevent the sport . Sid says Nikki if you think that they’re going very wrong, you’ll stop the sport for nonce .

Hina talks to the fan Akshit within the confession room. He says you’re an enormous celeb and does one think that scene will change now? Hina says I don’t know if i’m a celeb except for me to return to the 14th season after 11th was a chance . i’m honored to be here. I hope you all are liking it. The scene will change, you only see what happens. we’ve tons of powers.

6:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Eijaz asks for grass. Rahul comes and dances sort of a woman ahead of Sid. Sid says i’m not that sort of a person . Rahul says but i’m that sort of a person . Gauhar asks Sid to offer it to him. Sid says go and put soil down. Rahul says we are putting down. He pleads with him so Sid gives grass to him.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 12th October 2020 Written Episode 10 Update

Gauhar asks Jasmin to form eyebrows sort of a man. Jaan asks Gauhar if he can do anything for her? Eijaz asks Gauhar to offer him something to try to to . Gauhar says go and placed on red lipstick. She asks Jaan to leap 15 times within the pool. He starts doing it. Jasmin makes eyebrows sort of a man. She gets a soil piece. Jaan gets one soil piece but Rubina requests for another so Jaan gets it. Eijaz applies red lipstick. Gauhar gives him a soil piece. Gauhar asks Jaan to urge clean-shaved and he will get 5 items. He goes and cleans his shave. Gauhar gives him 4 pieces within the end.

6:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Rahul dances together with his shoes on his head. Gauhar laughs at him. Eijaz says he’s crazy. Gauhar gives one soil piece to him. She asks Shahzad to try to to something. Rahul dances in several dance styles and Gauhar laughs.

Rubina tries to steal from Nishant. Nishant says don’t roll in the hay immediately . Rubina says I can if i would like to. She tries to urge faraway from him. Gauhar laughs and says Rubina is extremely cute. Rubina tries to play kabaddi with Nishant. Pavitra says i used to be calm till now but Rubina has started it again. Eijaz goes and attacks Abhi. Nishant shouts at him to not roll in the hay .
Jasmin asks for Sid to offer her some grass. Sid says go and attack others.

Rahul writes ‘Gauhar is adequate to love’. Gauhar gives him more soil and says you’re doing alright .

7 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Rahul goes and begs Sid to offer him some grass. Sid says no, i’m not giving it to anyone. Jaan says what am i able to do to urge it? Sid says go and steal from the opposite team.

8:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Jaan tells Nikki that Sid expects tons from me. He said that I did well within the task. i would like to impress him. Nikki says do everything for yourself. Jaan says i would like to be influenced by one girl outside which is Nikki. He asks if she is going to on a date with him? Nikki says you’re my brother. Jaan says don’t say that otherwise, i will be able to break our friendship.

9:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020

Jaan says Nikki is doing tons here. Nishant says she might consider you a brother but you’ll love her. Nikki says he’s my brother. Jaan says not okay, i prefer her. Nikki says there’s no chance between us. Rahul says to Jaan that you simply should leave this like thing. Nishant says Nikki is elder in mind than Jaan. Jaan says Nikki is immature. Jaan says to Nishant that you simply are calling me immature now? What did you say about Nikki within the morning? Nikki says what did he say? Jaan tells Nikki that Nishant said that Nikki is immature and wishes to get older . Nishant says I said that she is child-like. Jaan tells Nikki to concentrate to him and don’t hurt his feelings, he leaves.

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