Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020 Written Episode 12 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020 Written Episode 12 Update

Rubina, Jasmin, Shahzad, And Jaan Are Nominated Because Of Nikki Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020 Written Episode 12 Update.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020
Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Day 12 8 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Inmates awaken to the song DJ wale babu. Nikki starts dancing. Gauhar and Eijaz dance too. Nikki hugs Jaan.

Telecast Date: 12th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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8:45 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Nikki asks Rahul if he got the tea? Rahul says no. Nishant and Jaan joke about Rubina calling everyone babu. Nikki says I can never wash dishes together with her , she is irritating.

Eijaz tells Hina that Rubina is frightened of me. She didn’t see me worse and she or he thinks she has. i do know when someone is picking on me. I attempt to avoid her. Hina says you’re sorted with Pavitra? Eijaz says no, we are during a team so i’m lecture her. She is my friend but she will nominate me? Hina says who was the person who she got possessive over you? Eijaz says why should she get possessive over me? i assumed she was mature but she has no right to me.

9:15 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Nikki asks Rahul what he’s wearing today? Rahul says I can wear a Tuxedo if you would like . Rahul says lines from Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

10 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Eijaz tells Pavitra that Hina is inclined towards their team. Pavitra says people are becoming biased here. Eijaz says the general public is watching. Pavitra says i’m giving my 100%. Eijaz says ready to |i’ll”> i will be able to put oil on my body and that they won’t be able to catch me. i will be able to apply to Nishant also. Pavitra says to cover the oil after applying.

11:15 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Rahul mimics Rubina. He then mimics Jasmin acting sort of a grandma. Eijaz laughs. Rahul mimics Pavitra saying she isn’t frightened of her father.. He asks to mimic Nishant. Rahul mimics Nishant acting Ravi actor. He mimics Jaan. Eijaz says play with their minds within the task like this.

11:45 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Eijaz tells Rahul that we’ll fight against them. i will be able to scream raid to attack them. i’m not telling it to Nishant and Pavitra. i do know you’ve got the talent to impress Hina and Sid. you ought to take them and that i will attack another team.

12:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Eijaz tells Nishant we’ll attack. i will be able to offer you a tagline which can be your cue to attack them. we’ll within the hay|love|make out|make love|sleep with|get laid|have sex|know|be intimate|have intercourse|have it away|have it off|screw|fuck|jazz|eff|hump|lie with|bed|have a go at it|bang|get it on|bonk|copulate|mate|pair|couple”> roll in the hay in the end. Don’t tell Pavitra. She acts sort of a captain. She was shouting with none reason just to point out that she is leading us. We don’t need to hear her all the time. She shouldn’t need to be fair with all of them once we are a team.

12:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Jasmin tells Jaan that i used to be so angry yesterday. I became a toddler yesterday. Sid says Jasmin was like don’t leave your things Jaan and that i was thinking why we didn’t have girls like her in our season. Jasmin says I didn’t care about being a woman at that point . Jaan says she was like keep sitting like that.

2:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Pavitra tells Eijaz that don’t break the flowers. Eijaz says don’t talk against your team within the task. You don’t need to look right by saying that our team is wrong. You shouted that Rahul was wrong. If our team member is doing something wrong even then we are right. Don’t go against your team.

Jaan tells Nikki that we’ve to prevent the opposite team. Nikki says you’ve got to form your farm look nice. You shouldn’t break their farm if they don’t. you’ve got to form an enormous farm and make it pretty. i will be able to make the team win which features a bigger farm. they need less space so i will be able to give them some space.

3:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Rubina tells Jasmin et al. that we’ll use trash to form their farm look bad. Jaan says that’s an honest idea.

All sit-down. Bigg Boss says time for the task is starting. You all showed passion yesterday but some people got hurt so don’t hurt one another . we’ll play buzzer soon.

3:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

The buzzer plays and therefore the task starts. Nishant is protecting his farm. Shahzad grabs him.

Gauhar gives soil to Jaan.
Shahzad grabs Eijaz and Eijaz falls down. Nishant and Pavitra attempt to stop Jasmin. Jasmin says two people are attacking me. Nikki says Jasmin’s three people are attacking together. Nikki tells Abhi to not attack during a gang.
Rahul is juggling balls to impress Gauhar. Rahul sits down and sings for Gauhar. He acts sort of a joker. Gauhar laughs and provides him the soil.

Jasmin involves Nishant’s farm and attacks it. Nishant screams that Rubina was here too. they’re cheating. Pavitra gets angry and destroys their farm also. Abhi destroys Pavitra’s farm. Shahzad screams at Nikki. Nikki curses him so he says you’re a *****. you’re not stopping them and cursing us? you’re cheap. Nikki asks him to shut up. Nikki asks everyone to prevent . She asks Eijaz to prevent it. Rubina says we’ll destroy everything. Shahzad and Nishant shout at one another . Shahzad says you’re a *****. Nishant attacks him but Eijaz pulls him back. Nishant tells Shahzad that he’s nothing for him. Gauhar tries to intervene but Sid says allow them to do what they need .
Eijaz shouts at Rubina that the seniors praised me that’s why you nominated me. Rubina sings a jingle against him.

4 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Nishant and Shahzad are pushing one another . Nikki asks them to not destroy the property. Bigg Boss asks them to prevent it. We told you to not fight today, you people will get hurt. Use your mind. Abhi says they started it. Nishant says Nikki is watching everything. Nikki says Jasmin and Rubina attacked them during a gang. Jasmin says it had been our strategy. Nikki says you’re a ******. Jasmin shouts to not curse her. Pavitra tells Nikki that they came here first.

Jasmin comes within the house and says I won’t bear anyone cursing me on TV. Jaan asks Jasmin to prevent it, we’ll play our game. Rubina asks Jaan to let her be. Jasmin says a referee can curse us anytime she wants? Shahzad comes there but Jasmin shouts at him. Jasmin tells the camera that she will be biased but she will curse us openly? I came here to concentrate to others cursing me? an individual who is liable for creating a discipline is cursing us?
Eijaz tells Jaan to not touch him and he are going to be disqualified. Jaan says you’re provoking us. Nikki says don’t touch him Jaan. Jaan asks Nikki to ascertain their side of things also. Nikki says don’t tell me what I even have to ascertain . You don’t tell me. Rahul tells Nikki that you simply don’t need to answer them. Shahzad tells Nikki that the planet is watching you. Nikki says you’re not even seen. Shahzad says you’re cursing others girls, this is often your reality? Nikki says i’m playing on the front foot.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 13th October 2020 Written Episode 11 Update Eijaz’s Beef Against Pavitra Grows

Jasmin tells Rubina that i’m not an attention-seeking person like her. How can she curse me? We are respecting her. I even have earned this respect by working hard. Jasmin comes outside and says we are TV’s top actress and not here to urge cursed. Pavitra says we are all equal here. Jasmin says then why did she call me ****? Pavitra says don’t mention the status here. mention the sport . Shahzad says Nikki is being arrogant. Jasmin cries and says I didn’t exerting to be cursed on TV for no reason. Nishant shouts at Shahzad that he’s cursing girls too. They both charge at one another but Rahul asks Nishant to not get provoked. Jasmin tells Hina that I respect Nikki such a lot and she or he is cursing me? Nishant and Shahzad are cursing one another . Rubina asks Jasmin to settle down . Don’t give your remote to her. Jasmin tells Abhi that I respect her such a lot . Abhi says don’t cry and provides her satisfaction to her.

4:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Jaan asks Nishant to settle down . Nikki says to Nishant that we’ll bring this abreast of weekend. Nishant says he called me Chakka. Shahzad comes there and says he cursed me too. Rubina says Chakka isn’t a curse. Shahzad says he called me that first. Rubina asks Shahzad to apologize to their eunuchs’ community. Shahzad says i’m sorry to the community. I called him that first. Nishant says i will be able to bring that up first. Shahzad says i’m accepting my mistake. Shahzad says sorry to the camera and that i respect that community.

4:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Pavitra says I talked to Abhi to not fight today and make the farms. Nikki says Rubina and Jasmin attacked together. Jaan says Eijaz was patrolling our farm too. Nikki says my team didn’t break the principles . Jasmin and Rubina attacked together. Jasmin says Nikki that’s your team? you’re playing for his or her team? you’ll have a biased decision. Rahul says we should always do the task first. Jasmin says as if we are singing bhajan here. Jasmin leaves from there.

4:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Eijaz talks to Abhi about Gauhar. Eijaz says Gauhar is our senior now. Eijaz says i prefer her. Abhi says you ought to put in some effort. Eijaz says I even have a crush on her but i buy awkward. He asks Gauhar how is she? She laughs and leaves.

Sid tells Hina that doesn’t correct them. we’ve let the fights start. Hina says we aren’t stopping them. Let Gauhar speak if she wants.

Abhi asks Eijaz if Nikki is unbiased? Eijaz says isn’t going against the rulebook.

Hina involves Jasmin and says be very strong during this house, don’t show your weakness. You can’t stop from people cursing you but you won’t step back thereon . you’ll refund your way.

Gauhar tells Shahzad that do anything you would like but confirm that you simply don’t get thrown out of the show.

5 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

The task starts again. Nikki shouts at Jaan’s team to not bring three people to the farm. Jasmin says Nikki isn’t seeing the opposite team.

Hina says my shop isn’t opening, i’m crying. Bigg Boss says it’s time for Hina’s shop to open. Rubina welcomes her to the shop.
Rahul begs Sid to offer him some grass. Sid says go and obtain some grass from the opposite team. Rahul silently steals from the opposite team and nobody sees him. He goes to Sid and says I stole without anyone noticing. Sid is impressed and provides him more grass items. Jasmin begs Sid but he asks her to steal too.

5:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Rahul tries to bop during a towel for Hina. Eijaz comes there shirtless too. They both dance together. Eijaz and Rahul seductively dance together. Hina says do a correct dance. All tease them. Jasmin begs for the flowers and Hina gives her some flowers. She gives some flowers to Rahul and Eijaz.

Hina tells the teams that we’ll offer you flowers if you create your farm nice.
Rahul writes the message for Hina. Hina says i’m moved and provides him a flower. Rahul says give me more, please. She says decorate your farm.

5:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Rahul does kathak dance for Hina. Nishant dances with him. Hina asks him to wear a dupatta.
Eijaz and Pavitra are decorating their farm. Eijaz says we should always write a reputation within the front. Pavitra says you’re saying rubbish things.

6:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 14th October 2020

Gauhar asks Jasmin and Rubina to form combined braids. Rahul makes a rap for Gauhar. She is impressed and provides him soil. Jasmin and Rubina get joined by the hair and obtain some soil.
Nishant and Rahul are begging Hina to urge some flowers.

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