Watch Bigg Boss 14 15th October 2020 Written Episode 13 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 15th October 2020 Written Episode 13 Update

Bigg Boss Announces Task To Take Personal Things From BB Mall, Watch Bigg Boss 14 15th October 2020 Written Episode 13 Update.

Nikki says he knows i’m on your side. But why was he showing involvement for no reason. Nishant says he says what you says. Rahul says well played. Nikki says everyone did well. Rahul says you coordinated well. Nishant says we had a team then did you. Nikki says what a u-turn. Nikki says is he controlling you? Nishant says i would like to understand what is going to he say. Jaan says allow them to speak. Jaan says our coordination was better. Jaan leaves.

Telecast Date: 15th October 2020
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Watch Bigg Boss 14 15th October 2020 Written Episode 13 Update
Bigg Boss 14 15th October 2020 Written Episode 13

8PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Nikki says to Nishant when you’re at neither places, this happens. Jaan says I had always been here and that i was never considered. I won’t put in any efforts. i’m done trying be friends with everybody. Nikki says don’t attempt to be friends with everyone. HE says I meant you Rahul and Nishant. you’ll joke and that i can’t. This went on repeatedly . Nikki says we didn’t fight. you’re taking u-turns so I said it. You’re my friend. Am I not your friend? He says I can do my thing. Nikki says so friendship over? He says it doesn’t matter. Nikki says Eijaz is my friend. Jaan says i’m low. Nikki says you’ve got to inform me why. HE says many thanks for coming.

8:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Nikki says he threw a sponge and it hit me. I don’t like things hitting me. Jaan says I heard. HE says you’re biased. She says I wasn’t. Nikki says you furthermore may stole.

Everyone sits to chop vegetables. Nikki says you’ll take who you would like . Rahul says let’s divide the washroom. She says I don’t want to try to to that. Until my nomination starts. Rahul says you’ve got that option? She says i’m creating it. He says you’re confirmed but an in-mate. Nishant says it’s upto seniors. Ram says wow.

9PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Sid says it’s my dad’s birthday tomorrow. Hina and Gauhar hug him. Sid tells them stories about his dad. Gauhar says wow. Sid says i used to be nothing. My sisters were married, alright do to. But my dad had such will power. He fought his disease.

9:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Jasmin says regardless of what anyone says I won’t be the Jasmin i used to be today. Abhi says what someone says is themselves not you. she says yeah I won’t cry. I won’t cry. They made me cry today. the material drama won’t work. Rubi says everyone has got to do duty. Abhi says ask Nikki to cut vegetables. If she says no, tell Gauhar if the food has got to be prepared. Jasmin says yeah let’s see what happens.

10:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Gauhar says Nikki features a soft heart. Hina says but I didn’t like what she said. Sid says it’s a game. Gauhar says it’s a behavioral issue. But in her core she’s an honest person. Hina says but she gets arrogance. She was talking continuously. Gauhar says I didn’t abuse one person. Sid says you’re great.

Sid says to everyone it’s your duty to wash the dishes. Hina says to Nikki you were doing the chopping and everything now you don’t want to try to to it. She says I just need to know I even have privileged now. Hina says you’re still a contestant. It’s your choice. albeit you’re not in nomination, everyone has got to work. Abhi says if one person says they won’t do anything, that’s not okay. Gauhar says it’s her right to make a decision . She’s a confirmed inmate. Abhi says she’s confirmed or senior? Sid says she is confirmed, she has privilege. Hina says if all of you would like her to figure , it’s upto you ways you create her do. Pavitra says if you actually care about responsibility do yours first. abhi says who will chop? Pavitra says i will be able to . Gauhar says Abhi this is often wrong thinking. Abhi says this was discussed in your presence. Nikki says don’t be jealous from name. Abhi says you’re not worthwhile . Nikki says I can see it. Nikki is confirmed. Eijaz says I didn’t say anything that day because

9:15 AM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Eijaz says i’m cleaning outside and washroom. Gauhar says if your hand gets better, you’ll do the dishes. She says it’ll be better in two days. Eijaz says I can’t roll in the hay now. Rubi says I did it. He says you probably did it on your own. I can’t roll in the hay . Nikki says do their minds work? Pavitra says they don’t add up . Sid says to Rubi if your work is being done, don’t worry. she says he changed the discussion. Sid says it’s your work. Rubi says I got it done. Sid says that’s enough Eijaz says to Rubi you’re ignoring me. does one want to speak to me or not? What’s the problem? Is it personal? She says give me time i will be able to talk later. Abhi says to Eijaz relax. Don’t intimidate people like that. Abhi says to Jaan go and ask people that doesn’t want to speak . she will chop for 20 minutes. People are working for 4 hours. Pavitra says if she doesn’t roll in the hay you’ll need to roll in the hay . Abhi says food are going to be made anyway. But we can’t let it go. Pavitra says if she wants to not roll in the hay , let it show. Jaan says to Nishat they’re changing conversations to defend one another . Nishant says I can see it.

2:30 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Pavitra reads freshers can win their stuff and keep it permanently. Bigg Boss will announce two names, they’re going to repel one another and win their stuff. There are pipes within the garden. You two need to collect it. Once the buzzer blares, the one with more balls within the basket will win and obtain their stuff from BB mall and therefore the loser’s stuff will get away forever.

3 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Jasmin is crying. She says i’m the sole one. She says all my stuff are going to be sent away. i’m the sole girl with least things. Sid says fight for it. Hina says don’t hand over . Why are you thinking that? nobody is best than anyone. Eijaz says nobody is anyone’s friend here. Sid says to Jasmin this is often a challenge. Don’t believe losing. This about winning. That’s what you’re here for. She says but if I push it.. Sid say you’ve got to face it. She says Eijaz must be so angry. Sid says be stronger.

Day 13, 3:45 AM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Bigg Boss says first round are going to be between Pavitra and Rubina. All of you want to are available the garden. Jaan hugs Pavitra. Abhi helps Rubina and says make it interesting. It’s upto you. Pavitra comes. Sid says it’s between you two, nobody can help from the surface . Hina says go inside. Rubina picks her basket. they struggle to gather the balls falling from the pipes. They collect all the balls. Abhi says shove her hers also . Rubina tries to grab Pavitra’s. Hina says there’s another ball. Rubina takes it. She snatches more Pavitra. Pavitra says this isn’t wresting. Rubnina picks more. Her bag falls within the pool. Hina says come to the present side.

Day 13, 4:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Hina and Gauhar chant Pavitra’s name. Pavitra takes her stuff. Rubina says she literally snatched me. Jasmin says you were winning. Abhi says you ought to have gone near the pool. She says it’s easy to mention . Rubina says she was confusing me such a lot . Pavitra says to Nishant she scratched me together with her nail.

Bigg Boss says next is Eijaz and Rahul. Sid says good luck bro.

The round starts. Hina says allow them to get on the bottom first. Sid says to Hina you tell them the plans. She says don’t tell me then. Eijaz says i would like to form you tired. Rahul says yeah you’re chacha. Why are you running? He says yeah i’m scared. Eijaz says these are four weekends clothes. Rahul says nobody even understands what you say. They walk round the pool. Rahul says you ought to are with Nikki or another girl. Eijaz says see Nikki what’s he saying. Rahul says you’re old chacha don’t run. Hina says not an honest statement. Why is he talking about age. Gauhar says he’s making Eijaz tired. Buzzer blares. Eijaz is that the winner. Bigg Boss says Eijaz you’ll take your stuff.

5:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Hina says good job. Eijaz says sid you furthermore may say. He says I did. Eijaz says you all laughed once I didn’t understand the primary task. Sid says you probably did well that’s why you won. Eijaz says Hina ji i will be able to change with my new clothes. Rahul says to Nishant don’t attempt to skip. Collect in no time initially adn then just run away. Eijaz comes out together with his clothes. Eijaz says my dogs gave up the ghost . a woman took my dogs. She said i do know you’re keen on them, I won’t give them back. She kept them during a shed. Sid says what? Gauhar says she’s so evil. He says then my friend told me they’re there. They cried and that i found them after 3 years. They cried tons . Hina says why didn’t you are doing police complaint? He says I promise marraige to soemone and she or he did this. She backed out and she or he has the audacity to inform people I didn’t marry her due to dowry. Hina says i would like to understand the name once you leave . He says she’s married now and she or he features a daughter now. It’s gone now.

Jaan says Nikki hears everyone but me. pavitra says she puts you on mute because you’re her ally . Shahzad says to Sid i will be able to enter the pool and secure mine. sid says you’ll do what you would like .

Day 13,

9:30PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Eijaz says should I grow a beard? And wear a suit? Nikki says you’ve got clothes also now. He says i’m so happy that I earned it. This place is teaching tons . Shahzad says first week he was acting like he doesn’t understand any task. Rubina says I saw today where is that the compression. Shahzad says he did 100 laps. They giggle. Bigg Boss says the task is paused here due to rain.

10:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Jaan says to Nikki my skin is irritating. She says what? He says idiot this skin. she says don’t call me idiot, i will be able to provides it back and you’ll cry. Jaan says you’ve got called me idiot tons of times. Nikki says don’t say it again. He says i will be able to call you stupid. She says it’s not allowed. Rahul asks Nikki her birth year she says 96. He says i’m 87. She says you look 26. Rahul says if I take my beard off i will be able to look even younger. She says I don’t like childish look.

11 PM Bigg Boss 14 15th October

Eijaz says to Shahzad, Abhi is my friend. I met Rubi for the primary time. She’s friend with my friend. i assumed we’ll be good. I askd her what’s the matter , she didn’t talk. Some people think they’re better than others. Shahzad says egotism . He says I respect her because she’s Abhi’s wife. i would like to call her bhabhi.

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