Today Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020 Written Episode 15 Update Rubina Becomes An Eye-Opener For Nikki

Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020 Written Episode 15

Rubina Becomes An Eye-Opener For Nikki, Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020 Written Episode 15 Update.

Weekend Special Day 15 8 AM

Sid is awake while all others are sleeping. The song starts playing. The inmates awaken and begin dancing. Pavitra dances with Gauhar.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020 Written Episode 15

11:30 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Telecast Date: 17th October 2020
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Gauhar says I personally feel that the cooking department should chop also. Rahul is chopping and says they don’t listen. Sid says there are two people within the cooking department in order that they can chop also. Gauhar says Abhi and Rubina don’t chop, Rahul has got to take it up. Eijaz asks Abhi to return and talk. Abhi says I even have already talked about this. They both come inside. Gauhar says to Abhi that cooking isn’t just cooking. Rahul can’t chop all the veggies. Abhi says he can chop slowly. Gauhar says he’s already cleaning the washroom. Abhi says I already did chopping within the morning. Rubina says i will be able to chop today and somebody else will cook. Sid says if you recognize cooking then you won’t do anything else? Rubina says all should equally work here. Abhi says I spend 4 hours daily within the kitchen so nobody can chop aside from me? Rahul says i’m cleaning the washroom and also chopping. Sid says chopping isn’t a requirement . Pavitra tells Abhi that you simply cook food and that i cook today.

Sid talks to Gauhar that you simply gave Rahul to them to assist with chopping but they’re making Rahul chop everything. You tell them that it’s their job and that they will chop too.

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11:45 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Rubina says today is our Judgment Day . The duties will change from tomorrow. Abhi says i will be able to chop today. Eijaz says you’ll cook and chop today? Abhi says yes I agreed. Eijaz says not everyone can cook. Abhi says I respected Sid and Gauhar’s words that chopping is a component of the cooking so we’ll chop and cook. Rubina says nobody will get help now. Anyone who is cooking will do chopping also. It’s a rule now.

12 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Nikki asks Jaan to scrub the dishes. Jaan says you gave that duty to Rubina.

Hina tells Gauhar that the confusion happened because Nikki gave up her duties so Rubina-Abhi aren’t wrong by taking a stand.

Nikki tells Jaan that Abhi is crazy. they need no fights and screentime. She comes near Rubina and says I won’t spit at them.

12:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Abhi and Rubina are chopping. Jasmin helps them. Abhi says this is often very boring.

Sid tells Hina that everybody helps them now, all are sensible here but they didn’t help before? they’re now helping.

Jasmin tells Abhi that they don’t want to seek out solutions. Rahul helps in chopping also.

Pavitra tells Sid that there’s no point in lecture idiots. you’ll go and ask around for help. If you’ve got to cook then you’ll chop also. Sid says if we are becoming food then everything is ok .

4:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Jasmin tells Shahzad that I even have started hating Nikki. Shahzad says maintain that. Jasmin says she is extremely filthy, she is arrogant that she is above us. She could have played with respect yesterday, i used to be playing. Shahzad says she lost the task and can come down. Jasmin says no she is going to go crazy. Shahzad says goes to|she’s going to”> she is going to do an error as she is going crazy. Jasmin says i’m expecting my time.

7 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Pavitra tells everyone that if anyone makes food then please clean the stove. If you’re making extra stuff then clean your dishes. Rahul jokes with Jaan that you simply need to clean the stoves. Jaan says whoever is cooking will clean the stove? Pavitra asks Jaan to not argue together with her . Rahul says he says anything he wants. Pavitra says let me talk. i’m just saying that if you’re making tea or an omelet then i’m requesting to wash the stove as then there are arguments on duties.

7:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Jaan hugs Pavitra. Pavitra says he’s such an idiot person. Rahul is extremely illiterate. once I was talking then why was he interrupting me? He doesn’t stop his commentary. I kept saying to let me talk. Rahul comes there and says what happened? Pavitra says i used to be lecture Jaan but you kept interrupting me. Rahul says I can ask anyone i would like . Pavitra says this is often not your father’s house. Rahul says you’re not this house’s boss. Pavitra says i’m . Rahul says if you cook here then that doesn’t mean you own this place. Pavitra says if i’m lecture someone then you don’t need to interrupt us. Rahul says you’re a villain. If you would like to inform something then say it on my face. Pavitra says you’ve got this habit. Rahul says I can talk once I want, you’re nobody to prevent me. Pavitra says i will be able to stop anytime i would like you to prevent . Pavitra is washing the dishes and a few water droplets enter the tea. Rahul says you’ll serve this tea to everyone now? Pavitra says don’t interrupt me. Rahul says you think that you’re Priyanka Chopra, who the hell are you? Pavitra says i’m Pavitra Poonia.. this is often who the F*** i’m . Rahul says ask me with respect, don’t talk rubbish with me. Jaan asks Rahul to settle down . Rahul asks Pavitra if she is done? Nishant tells Rahul to prevent it, you’ll say something wrong now. Rahul says she brought my father during this , I didn’t continue her parents but I didn’t. Pavitra says then continue my parents. Rahul says you don’t tell me what to try to to . Who the f*** is she? Pavitra says this is often not your house, ask me with respect, don’t show your standard here. you recognize me alright . Nishant asks Rahul to regulate his tongue, settle down now.

7:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Jaan says we’ll call Jasmin turf. Rahul says we’ll call Pavitra Om. Nishant says we’ll take their code names only. Rahul says Pavitra may be a very dangerous player. She pretends to be very sweet to everyone. Jaan says we’ve to bring some people closer but we’ve to be smart about choosing when new people inherit the house.

Nikki tells Eijaz that I sit with people whose minds are below me. Eijaz says you’ve got made them your servants. Nikki laughs.

Jaan tells Nishant that Nikki doesn’t care about anyone. Nishant says she was favoring us within the garden task. within the process, she was clearly favoring us, she wanted to urge votes from our team. She sacrificed you for votes. you’re like hell friends together with her . Jaan says i’m crazy for her but my eyes opened that day. Rahul says but I don’t see it, within the yesterday task also you were going crazy over Nikki. Nishant says you wanted your Nikki to win within the styling task. Jaan says i’m being clever, i will be able to be a lover but I don’t have any expectations from her.

8:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Pavitra reads the instructions about the posh budget. there’ll be a task to win it. the 2 singers will attempt to woo the inmates. Rahul and Jaan will busk. they’re going to entertain the inmates by singing and playing. they’re going to do a live performance to urge support from freshers and seniors. The one who has more supporters will get a hamper. The winner can share the hamper with 4 other inmates. Rahul will perform within the bedroom. Jaan will perform near the SPA area. they’re going to attempt to keep their supporters in their areas. If an inmate is changing their support, they’re going to tell the rationale for the singer then change their support. All inmates will choose their support on their own.

8:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Jaan gets his guitar. He and Nikki are excited.

8:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Jaan says i really like this song list. He says to the camera that out of 25 songs, 23 songs are of my father. many thanks for giving me this legacy.

Nishant tells Rahul that folks might support Jaan more but don’t get demotivated. Rahul says I even have to try to to what I do, I don’t need to worry. i’m happy to urge my guitar.

8:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

The buzzer plays. Rahul sits within the bedroom. Nishant and Hina sit with him.
Jaan starts singing. Shahzad, Nikki and Gauhar are in his area. Eijaz comes there too. They dance while he sings. Sid comes there and dances too.

Rahul is singing to his audience. Sid comes there. Nikki, Rubina, Nishant and Jasmin are enjoying his soothing songs.

Jaan sings baazigar while Shahzad and Gauhar dance for him.

Nishant tells Rahul that i would like to listen to Jaan’s voice also. Hina says you sang alright but i would like to see Jaan also.

Jaan says poetry for Gauhar. Hina, Nishant come there too. Gauhar hugs Jaan. He sings Ai Kash..

Rahul sings for Jasmin and Pavitra.

Jaan says i would like to sing for Eijaz-Gauhar, Sid-Hina. Hina says ewww. Eijaz and Gauhar start waltzing around as Jaan sings Naagme pyar ke. All clap for Jaan. Gauhar says i would like to see the opposite concert also, i really like you Jaan.

Rahul sings Tera Hona Laga Hoon. Gauhar comes there and dances around.

Jaan says i would like to sing for Sid. All cheer as Jaan sings Tu Hai Meri Prem Ki Bhasha. He then sings Tum Mile Dil Khile.

Rahul sings and dances with Jasmin and Gauhar.

Jaan says my father dedicated 5 songs in total to my mother. one among the songs is that this one. i would like to dedicate this to Nikki. He sings Tujhe Dekha toh Ye Jana Sanam.. All cheer as Jaan sings to Nikki. Nikki caresses Jaan’s face and he smiles. She hugs Jaan. All cheer kiss.. she kisses his cheek. She thanks Jaan.

9:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Rahul sings mei rang sharbaton ka.. Nishant and Jasmin are taking note of him.
All others are sitting with Jaan as he sings. The buzzer plays because the task ends. Jaan sings mera dil bhi kitna pagal hai. Gauhar hugs Hina and dance. Pavitra isn’t sitting in any area. Gauhar and Hina sing against Sid. Abhi and Rubina are sitting with Jaan too. Sid hugs Jaan as he wins the task.
Bigg Boss says the task has ended. Rahul says I had two supporters within the end, i would like to thank everyone who listened to me. Jaan tells Bigg Boss that I even have 9 supporters with me. Bigg Boss says Jaan won the posh budget hamper. Nikki screams. Eijaz hugs Jaan. Nishant hugs him too. Sid hugs Rahul and says you sang rather well . Jaan hugs Rahul. Bigg Boss says you tell us the name of 4 freshers that you simply want to share the hamper with. Jaan says Nikki, Nishant, Eijaz and Shahzad are the folks that i would like to share the hamper with. all of them run to urge the things . Hina takes the basket. Nishant gets the coffee. Nikki gets one too and screams. Sid gets some items also. Jaan laughs.

10 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 17th October 2020

Rubina tells Jasmin that I knew Rahul wouldn’t get many supporters. Jasmin says I knew that that’s why i used to be sitting with him. Abhi says Jaan has versatility. Jasmin says he features a blessing in his voice.

Jaan makes Eijaz eat the item first and says he helped me such a lot within the task. Eijaz says you deserve it. Sid says so we’ve no respect. Nishant involves Rahul that you simply are going well.

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