Today Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020 Written Episode 16 Update: Salman Gives A Shut-Up Call To Rubina

Today Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020 Written Episode 16 Update: Salman Gives A Shut-Up Call To Rubina

Salman Gives A Shut-Up Call To Rubina In Elimination Day, Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020 Written Episode 16.

Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says i will be able to come tomorrow also. He says Jasmin and Rahul were seen tons in the week. Rubina is within the form and everybody is raising voice against Nikki. He says it’s clear that Rubina and Nikki are against one another while all others are hiding behind them. We gave a task to the freshers during which they had to inform who has more garbage between Rubina and Nikki and see what happened.

Telecast Date: 18th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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IN THE HOUSE Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020:

Rubina tells the inmates that this is often the task about garbage in my mind, i’m against this task. I won’t be a part of this task and that i don’t have any clothes to urge ready also. i’m not a bin of garbage and if i’m a part of the family then I should get things to urge ready also. i’m opting out of this. Hina says this is often also weekend’s episode so you ought to sit for Salman. you’ll discuss this with BB after the episode. Rubina says i’m here but if I feel that it’s not right so i’m allowed to not be a neighborhood of it (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Thank you.

Rubina tells everyone that they asked us to urge ready but with what things? Shahzad says I used old clothes also. Gauhar says there are allegations during this house and you’ve got to place your point across. they’re going to offer you a cue cards task also. Rubina says it’s between me and Bigg Boss. Rubina says they’re asking to inform what proportion garbage I even have in my mind. It’s not freshers saying but the management telling me that I even have garbage in my mind. Nishant tells Rahul that denying tasks are very wrong (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Rubina says I even have a gorgeous mind. Hina tells Gauhar that this is often a wrong game for her if she thinks they’re going to praise her only.

Salman connects the video call to the house. All gather to take a seat down. Rubina sits too. Salman says i assumed you wouldn’t be here? Rubina says they didn’t open doors. Salman says did you attend college after school? She says I did. Salman says if they asked you to review biology then you said no? Rubina says I failed the themes . Salman says you’re failing here also. He says if you’re given tasks within the army and you don’t follow the principles then what? Rubina says I follow all the principles (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020) . Salman says you don’t interact with housemates, you’re just interacting with Bigg Boss only. Rubina says I even have never questioned Bigg Boss’s rules. Salman says I even have done 11 seasons of this show, it’s an enormous show but this is often the primary time you’re questioning the show only, have you ever watched the BB shows? Rubina says no. Salman says that’s why. you’re doing a show without knowing about it? Rubina says it’s my mistake. Salman asks Abhi.

Abhi says I even have watched 2 shows only. Salman says will you sign a show without reading a script? does one want to form your own rules? She says no. Salman says we gave a option to Abhi to urge you inside the house by losing his immunity but he didn’t. You said you were pleased with him playing for himself. You then got an opportunity to win your items and garments . We gave you the prospect against the inmates, all of them got their items but you didn’t win. you bought 3 chances during this house, you lost those chances (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). We are taking care of your medical conditions. We even gave you clothes by breaking the principles but it had been a medical condition. Whose failure is that? Why Bigg Boss is wrong? Why are you competing with Bigg Boss? you’re competing with the freshers. We don’t see you competing against them, you’re just remarking Bigg Boss’s rules. Rubina says if you give me time.. Salman says so you didn’t get clothes? Rubina says no. Salman says you refused to try to to the task. This task about the mind’s garbage. He asks Abhi that once you ask your wife reception , you had problems with one another also. you’ve got problems once you don’t know one another well so you would possibly think that somebody has garbage in their minds. you’ll sit and ask one another to wash that. Garbage mind means illogical things. Rubina says I found that it’s insulting on behalf of me and that i showed it (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Salman says people have said this about you already. Rubina says i do know that but the management can’t say that. Salman says we’ve cameras everywhere so we all know what others are talking about you. Rubina says it had been insulting on behalf of me . Salman says we didn’t insult you, you didn’t even do the task. Rubina says how can the management say that I even have a garbage mind? Salman says they could have talked about Nikki’s mind being garbage. You don’t have an open mind, we aren’t saying that you simply have a dirty mind but people think you’re misunderstanding things. you’ll have done the task and cleared your stance (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Rubina says i assumed it had been insulting on behalf of me because the management said that my mind has garbage, I did an error by not watching the seasons but can’t I put my point across. Gauhar says we haven’t seen refusal of the task outright like this.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020

Salman says people have stopped doing the tasks but they are available back. this is often not a fitness game, it’s a mental game. Salman says i think this is often wrong. If you don’t have your things then I can’t say that you simply should pack your bags and leave but you’ve got private baggage which is named Abhi. Salman says this is often an invalid point, you’ve got come to the present show on your own. this is often your own fault Rubina (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). You tell us what you would like to try to to now? One inmate will go today. Rubina says it’s your call. Salman says if you’ve got a drag with the show then your call. Rubina says I don’t have a drag with the show, I even have a drag with putting myself as garbage. Salman says you probably did alright in the week and that we wanted to praise you today but you destroyed by doing this today. Rubina says i’m not against the network, i’m just saying that it’s insulting on behalf of me (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020) .

Rubina and Nikki stand near their bins. Salman says all need to tell who has more misunderstanding in their mind. Eijaz says the rubbish is what’s destroying the environment of the house. i feel Rubina has more garbage because we all are understanding the game’s format but Rubina remains not accepting the format. She can’t play if she keeps questioning the format (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). He throws garbage in Rubina’s bin.

Rahul involves Rubina’s bin and says we gave titles within the styling task, I gave you the title of Miss. Confused, I gave you that title due to your personality on the other hand you made the reference to my thinking against women (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). You dissect things that aren’t required.

Nishant tells Rubina that i assumed you were a mature person but i used to be wrong. You said to Nikki that she didn’t care about others’ food for her clothes but you stopped making food simply because of chopping. that’s garbage in your mind (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020).

Jaan tells Rubina that you simply complicate things that are already clear. you create others confused.
Abhi says I even have watched 2 episodes of this show and that i know this is often a personality show so i will be able to judge people on personality (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Nikki has cursed a lady , she not humble. She has more garbage. He throws garbage in her bin.

Jasmin says Nikki uses bad words to place others down so she will feel bad. it’s garbage in her mind. She doesn’t to curse others only for the sport (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). She throws garbage in her bin.

Shahzad says garbage in mind means having an ego in their minds and thinking that each one others are right down to her. She has an excessive amount of ego. He throws garbage in Nikki’s bin.

Pavitra says i prefer balance in everything. Emotions matter here too. You can’t torture others simply because you won’t wash two more dishes (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). I don’t think it’s an honest idea to rebel against Bigg Boss. She throws garbage in Rubina’s bin.

Salman says Rubina got 5 and Nikki got 3. Salman says if Rubina didn’t have done this stunt today then what percentage people wouldn’t have thrown in Rubina’s bin? Eijaz says i attempted to speak to Abhi but Abhi said that i’m trying to be cool. Abhi says these opinions won’t change, this score would have remained an equivalent . Rubina says they need added their tail after Salman talked about it (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Salman says all of them have said things to Rubina which Abhi would never. Abhi laughs and says i’m just an item. Rubina says it’s not like that. Salman asks Rubina to enjoy the sport . If this is often your strategy to irritate others with every small point. Rubina says I wouldn’t have accepted being called garbage such as you said to not accept being called poor. Salman says you’ve got to make a decision what test you ought to take here. Salman says it’s women’s power. Rubina says I congratulated them (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Salman laughs at Abhi.

Salman tells Rubina that you simply took the stand in the week , you were going very right but you went wrong here. Rubina says I did an error today. Salman says you continue to need to win the task to urge your clothes. Rubina says i really like your smile, sir. Salman says your competition is with the inmates, not me. Rubina says you scold me. Salman says i will be able to ask you during a lower tone, i’m discussing my point and not here to scream as that doesn’t convey my point. Sid and that i have different thinking here. Hina laughs at that.

Salman asks Nikki if she is happy to urge less garbage? Nikki says I accept as true with other points said yesterday apart from Jasmin. Rubina said that I got some privileges that i’m abusing somewhere and that i will get humanity if i buy my tag snatched. I accept as true with her as I got some privilege and got very happy. Salman says what curse you said? Nikki says I said ***** (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Shahzad says she has said more. Salman says she has entertained us, cursed people, won the tasks but what you’ve got done Shahzad? you’ve got used words that aren’t even a curse. Shahzad says I said sorry that . Salman says we are here to point out you the trail .

Salman says the one that showed complete turn-around was Rahul. He was very entertaining. Gauhar says he was amazing within the task. He was the foremost entertaining within the task. Rahul thanks them. Salman says i’m proud to inform you all that some people are playing for a few other planet. Nasa has done research on Abhi for enjoying for an additional planet (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Abhi laughs and says people joke about me and that i am fine. Salman asks Abhi to stay it up, he’s playing well in his zone.

Salman says we’ll know tomorrow who will head home from Jaan, Shahzad and Abhinav. He says the seniors will make teams from tomorrow because the freshers will start performing on getting the ‘confirmed’ tag (Watch Bigg Boss 14 18th October 2020). Salman says tomorrow i will be able to meet you at 10PM. He signs faraway from the episode.

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