Watch Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020 Written Episode 19 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020 Written Episode 19 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020. It’s game over for Sidharth Shukla’s team: Shehzad Deol gets evicted!

Watch Bigg Boss 14 Day 18

Bigg Boss says we don’t think you’ll reach a mutual decision so tell us one by one who lost this task? Gauhar says the rule out your rule-book was that only two people can protect or attack at a time but my team was just standing within the box. Sid’s team had three people attacking at a time. Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you’re giving the regard to the book.

Sid says she can’t read correctly. Guahar says he can’t keep interrupting me. Bigg Boss says the rule was that the rule was about the recorder . Gauhar says i’m really sorry, there’s a technique in everything but clearly, it’s written within the rule-book that only two people can attack. i’m sorry I don’t twist the words, I follow the rulebook. i’m sticking to the present rulebook, i feel Sid’s team cheated which team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Sid. Sid says it’s written within the rule-book that only two people can attack at a time, Gauhar’s team had three people within the box. Pavitra pressed the primary , only Pavitra was attacking the buzzer.

Telecast Date: 21st October 2020
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I even pulled Nikki back. Hina’s team tried tons but her team broke the principles . Bigg Boss asks Sid which team lost? Sid says our team pressed the buzzer first and Gauhar’s team should lose. Bigg Boss asks Hina and says this decision is yours. Hina says it’s clearly visible that Pavitra and Nikki both attacked at an equivalent time. My team attacked Eijaz also. But my team pressed the buzzer for longer , Sid’s team couldn’t press the buzzer for longer than mine. My team wasn’t attacking with 3 players. i feel Sid’s team should lose. Bigg Boss says you’ll lose. Hina and Gauhar leave. Sid says if you wanted to require the choice on voting then you shouldn’t have called me here.

Shahzad tells the inmates that Sid is saying inside that he pulled Nikki back.

Sid tells Eijaz that Gauhar’s team attacked us first and using 3 people. Rubina, Jasmin and Abhi were within the recorder first. Pavitra pressed the buzzer first.

Hina tells Gauhar that how did Nikki win the tray task? Sid was the referee so he chose Nikki, i’m the referee so i select you to win.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020

Watch Bigg Boss 14 4 PM

Hina tells Gauhar that if both the teams broke the principles then which team broke the rule first? it had been Sid’s team. Nishant says Eijaz had this decide to throw our buzzer away.
Nikki tells Jaan that Nishant changed his colors, they need no guts to speak . They were okay being called poor and now they’re blabbering all this?

Watch Bigg Boss 14 4:15 PM

Bigg Boss says that Hina and Gauhar came here to point out the trail to the freshers. we would like to thank them for coming here and taking responsibility for such honesty. Our work is completed so you’ll pack your bags and are available out now. Hina thanks him.

Jasmin tells Jaan that everything is shaken inside me but we’ll be stronger. Jasmin goes and hugs Nikki. She says you play and fight but don’t abuse. Nikki says i’m really pitying cursing you. Jasmin says you’re a much bigger person to mention sorry. Nikki tells sorry to Jaan. Nikki says this was a shaking day.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 6 PM

Jaan tells Pavitra that Jasmin cried for you. Pavitra says why did you cry? You cheated on the task then crying after making us leave the house? there’s no point in crying. Jaan says if you don’t feel it then it’s fine.
Rahul tells Jaan that he can take the bed. Nikki says what was Pavitra saying? Jaan says she said that there’s no got to cry once we made us leave. Rahul asks Jaan to not give her an excessive amount of attention. Nishant says what did she say? Jaan says she said why does one people cry so much? Jaan says I said that we were sad that you simply were going. Nishant says you ought to have told her that Pavitra attacked Jaan and Rahul only to form them leave the house. Nobody is doing anything personally within the task, it’s a game and that we are all working here to survive.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 7:15 PM

Jasmin tells Rubina that we are the target now. Nikki thought that Pavitra left so she is going to need to make another alliance. She said that she is pitying cursing me but when Pavitra came some time past Nikki went back to her old egoistic self. Nikki is extremely smart.

Rahul tells Nishant that we’ve to take care about Jaan, he could be playing a game. Nishant says he can’t fake much.

Rubina talks to Abhi and Jasmin. She says Pavitra won’t spare Jasmin, she said so.

Nishant tells Rahul that Pavitra and Eijaz will make an alliance to fight with us for no reason. Rahul says i feel they’re natural allies from inside, they only pretend to fight. Nishant says their nature is same, both wish to flip.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 7:30 PM

Nikki says to Jasmin that i’m not washing the dishes immediately . Rahul involves Nikki and says you had to scrub dishes for lunchtime. Nikki says it’s already evening, i will be able to start performing from tomorrow.
Jaan tells Jasmin that we are all confirmed now. Nikki has got to work also. i will be able to not spare her now. He goes to Nikki and says you’ve got to figure from now on, we are all confirmed now. Nikki says but I even have afternoon duty so i will be able to start from tomorrow. Jaan says you can’t refuse like that. Nikki says it’s evening already. Jaan says all are working. Nikki says i’m not like everyone else, lol. She leaves from there.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 8:30 PM

Rubina tells Abhi and Jasmin that Jaan acted like he was getting to fight with Nikki, he said that he won’t spare Nikki but he visited Nikki, then visited his bed silently? Abhi says Jaan is giving chances people to form fun of him. Rubina says how are often infatuated to her when she calls him an idiot all the time? Jasmin says Nikki has brainwashed him. Abhi says he has become stupid. Abhi says why people were crying such a lot today? Jasmin says i used to be crying for Shahzad. Rubina says Nikki was crying for herself as Pavitra and Eijaz left. Abhi mimics Nikki touching Hina’s feet and laughs. He says Hina was stunned.

Jaan tells Nikki, Rahul and Nishant that we are blessed that our group didn’t reach once we were in several senior camps.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 9 PM

Nikki tells Pavitra and Eijaz that they’re all dividing duties and acting sort of a complete family. they’re doing each other’s work and every one that. Pavitra says they’re going to wash each other’s asses also. Nikki says Nishant said that it had been our strategy to interrupt the principles , Nishant has no brains. Rahul said to Jaan to not ask Pavitra. Pavitra says why was Rahul crying? Nikki says he was feeling bad for seniors, he was crying for Gauhar also. Pavitra says he has no stand of his own. Nikki says he was feeling bad for you guys. Pavitra laughs.

Day 19, 8 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14

The inmates awaken to the song bidi. all of them dance. Eijaz dances in his red zone.

12:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Nikki involves Eijaz and says you don’t look nice like this. Eijaz says I didn’t lose my task, I worked hard within the task then they’re doing majority voting? Nikki says they are making chicken today. Nikki says you’ll begin of here after the task.

Rahul mimics Eijaz and says we don’t skills he will react.

Eijaz is angry and says I don’t need to be here and you don’t need to be here also. Pavitra the people that did majority voting did this and left.

1 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Rahul asks Nikki whom does she gossip with? Nikki says Jaan, he tells me everything as he’s my friend. Rahul says he’s your ATM. Nikki says he’s not. Rahul says you joke with him saying that he’s not your friend? I desire you create him irritated. Nikki says I joke with him, he’s my geniune friend. He talks about me and clarifies point even behind my back.

4 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Jasmin and Abhi enter the doll house to see it out. Nikki says you can’t cross the line before the buzzer plays.

4:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Jaan tells Nikki that get your friend’s doll first. we’ve to save lots of our dolls first then we’ll not be last. Nikki tells Nishant and Jaan that you simply need to save my doll, i’m not going inside the doll house. Nishant says then Rahul has got to save my doll. we’ve to form sure that the captain is formed from our team only.

4:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Jasmin involves Nishant and asks if he will play from her side? Rubina comes there and says we’ve to form sure that they don’t become the captain.

Nikki tells Rahul to require out her doll.

Jaan asks Nishant who is removing my doll? Nishant says i will be able to roll in the hay .

Pavitra tells Nikki that if they break the principles then i will be able to disqualify.

Abhi tells his team that we’ll remove Rahul and Nikki first. Nishant says i will be able to take Jaan’s doll first so Nikki won’t doubt that Jaan and that i are playing from your side.

5:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14

Eijaz tells Pavitra to not do that , you recognize how fair i’m . Pavitra says you recognize how fair i’m . Eijaz says that’s why you nominated me? Pavitra says because you started ignoring me. Eijaz says then why did you come to point out love that night and said sorry? Pavitra says i buy jealous, you were angry so I wanted to pacify you. you’re not fair, to ***** together with your fairness. Eijaz says lookout of your tongue, don’t curse me. He moves closer to her. Pavitra says I didn’t curse you. They stand very on the brink of one another . Pavitra says come to a decicsion. Eijaz says this game won’t move forward, all are watching you. Pavitra says why didn’t you open your mouth once I nominated you wish you’re opening your mouth today? Eijaz says yes I got scared. Pavitra says i used to be pacifying you that day because you were feeling bad, I cared about you.
Rahul tells Jaan that Pavitra features a soft corner for Abhi that’s why she is doing all this. She wants Abhi’s doll to be saved.

Nishant tells Jaan and Rahul that you simply want Nikki to become the captain? she is going to not be fair. Jaan says I agree, I don’t want her to become the captain. Rahul says but she hasn’t done bad with us till now. Jaan says what are you saying? Nishant says confirm that the captain is formed from three folks only.

Nikki says Pavitra is saving Abhi. Rahul says Abhi is her crush, she gave 6.5 to Abhi, I understand she gave 8 to Sid as he was a senior but Abhi? Nishant says he could be her type. Rahul says how can he be someone’s type? he’s married already, are we singles dead that she is crushing on him?

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