Watch Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020 Written Episode 20 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020 Written Episode 20 Update, Jaan tells Nishant that Nikki can’t become the captain, she isn’t mature enough at 6 pm.Pavitra says he brings personal things out like this. Eijaz says you nominated me thinking I even have no emotions. Pavitra says I came to mention sorry and that i am a much bigger person, don’t ask me. Eijaz says stand back from me. Pavitra says i’m pretty that’s why you come closer to her.

Nishant tells Jaan that Nikki didn’t her personal tasks, she won due to seniors. Jaan says i’m not able to take her on face but i will be able to prevent within the last.

Telecast Date: 22nd October 2020
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6:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Abhi tells Nishant that we’ll pick each other’s doll till the top . If I become the captain then i will be able to favor you within the next task. Nishant says let me ask Rahul if he’s picking Nikki’s doll or not. i will be able to offer you a touch .

Nishant talks to Rahul and says we shouldn’t pick Nikki’s doll. Rahul says it’s too early, let’s play the sport till the top.

7 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Rubina tells Abhi that Eijaz acts sort of a dictator, Abhi says if you choose an argument with him then you’re giving him attention.

Rahul tells Nishant that I don’t see Jaan as a captain. i might want myself otherwise you as a captain. I won’t be disloyal to Nikki, i will be able to tell her if I can’t take her doll. i would like to flip with you, you save mine and that i will save yours.

7:30 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Bigg Bogs says every task’s decision is taken by referees only. We gave the task to the present new house. We made Eijaz and Pavitra because the referees and that they can’t come to a conclusion. we would like to ask their decisions one last time. Eijaz says Rubina came out of the house last (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020). Pavitra says i feel Abhi came out of the house within the last. Bigg Boss says we don’t want to require a drastic step within the first task for the captaincy. We are taking a choice that the dolls of the last two inmates are going to be eliminated from the task. Rubina had Abhi’s doll, Abhi has Jasmin’s doll so Jasmin and Abhi are going to be eliminated. Jasmin says if they can’t come to a conclusion then why are we being punished? It’s not our fault that they can’t come to a conclusion. this is often wrong. Rubina says they’re not mutually deciding and that they didn’t concede . Jasmin says they ought to have punished. Abhi says just one person must have begin of the house so how can two people be punished? Abhi tells Eijaz that we got punished due to you. you’ll have come to a conclusion (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020).

Nikki tells Nishant and Jaan that we’ll play our game now.

Eijaz says to the camera that Abhi and Jasmin are being eliminated now.

8:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Nishant tells Jaan that I don’t want to be during this game anymore. He tells Rahul to require Rubina’s doll. Jasmin asks Jaan to not be emotional, you’ll mapped out your differences afterward . Nikki cries and tells Pavitra that Rubina plays now. Pavitra says you’re strong, smile now. Pavitra asks Jaan to not be harsh, you’re proving friendship wrong. Jaan tells Pavitra that you simply think Nikki is true whenever (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020) . Pavitra says you’re opening your mouth today? Jaan says she calls me fake and says that we are useless. Pavitra says you don’t know her nature? Jaan says you think that she is right? Nishant asks Pavitra to not call him wrong, he spends longer together with her . Pavitra says Jaan you don’t have the proper to backstab. Jaan says i’m a part of this game.

The buzzer plays, all run to urge the dolls. Rahul and Rubina are the last within the house and that they don’t begin . Jaan asks Nishant why did he take his doll? Rubina has Rahul’s doll. Rahul has Rubina’s doll. Jasmin asks Rahul to return out, you won’t have a loss. Rahul calls Nishant and says why didn’t you’re taking my call? Rubina says we decided that you simply will take Rubina’s doll and she or he take yours. Rahul says you told me behind Rubina that you simply will take my doll. Nishant says I told you within the last that i will be able to take Jaan’s doll and Rubina will take yours. I didn’t do anything wrong (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020).

9 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020
Pavitra hugs Rahul and says you’re a champ, you’re respected in my eyes. you’ve got given up to your friends and that i respect that.

Rubina asks Jaan if you become the captain then you’ll not be influenced by Nikki? Jaan says never. Rubina says i would like Nishant to be the captain. He will prevent (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020) .

Nikki involves Rahul that I gave up for the primary time in my life, you shouldn’t have given up today, I felt bad tons . Rahul says but the captain are going to be made up of our team only, I gave up for them. Nikki says i’m just your friend now.

The buzzer plays, all run to urge the dolls. Nishant comes call at the last with Rubina’s doll. Rubina is out.

Jaan asks Nishant if he wants to become the captain? Nishant says we’ve already decided that you simply will become the captain. Jaan says i’m fine with you becoming the captain. Nishant says i would like you to become the captain (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020). They both run to urge the dolls when the buzzer plays. Jaan throws Nishant’s doll away and takes his doll. Nishant wins the task. Jaan congrats Nishant as he made him the winner. Bigg Boss says Nishant is that the captain now.

9:30 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Nishant tells Rubina that Jaan was hurt when she called him fake, he gave her unconditional love.

Jaan has locked himself within the washroom. Nikki involves the washroom and goes inside. She says you’re angry with me? Jaan says you called me a fake friend? i’m angry thereon . Nikki says i’m pitying that. Jaan says you’ll have come to me. Nikki says I even have come to you and that i am lecture you. Jaan says i will be able to be fine now, many thanks for coming (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020).

9:45 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Rahul reads that Nishant are going to be safe from the eliminations. He also gets his personal bedroom with a soft mattress. He will get a VIP access bathroom. He will get many choices within the house. He will decide about the longer term of the red-zone inmates. He will confirm that each one rules are followed. He will get access to BB-mall and a SPA. He can make anyone his masseuse within the spa. He won’t need to do any add the house, he will divide the tasks between everyone. All cheer as his picture appears on the board. Nishant says i will be able to be fair with everyone (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020).

10 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Jaan is emotionally watching his family photo. Nishant brings tea for him and asks what happened? Jaan says i’m missing my mom tons . I never had an emotional episode before. Nishant says you were right against Nikki, she called us fake friends and you had to answer her. you probably did the proper thing. Jaan says she came to speak to me within the washroom (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020). She apologized and said that she didn’t want to harm me. Nishant says she has done this everytime with you. Jaan says i will be able to play for myself now. Nishant says you respect her such a lot and she or he doesn’t care a touch about you. Jaan says it’s important to settle on right friends.

10:15 PM Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020

Rahul asks Nikki why you called your friends fake? Nikki says because i assumed you were fake. Rahul says we never went against you. Nikki tells him that I wanted my friends to be the captain but you people have shown real colors. I don’t want any friends like those, I wanted my friends to win. Rahul says you modify your mood a day . Don’t cry now. Nikki says i’m not crying. Rahul says don’t do that drama, i’m not getting to console you. Don’t cry now, don’t be a stupid (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020) . Nikki covers herself with the blanket. Rahul takes it off. Nikki says i’m getting to Pavitra.

Nikki goes to the red-zone wall and climbs it. She jumps to the otherside and cries. She says I don’t want to travel there. She goes to Pavitra and hugs her. Pavitra says how did you come on this side? Nikki weeps and says I don’t want to remain there.

Rahul tells Jaan that she is crying as we didn’t support her to become the captain.

Jaan asks Nikki if he said anything wrong? You called me fake ahead of everyone once I take your side everytime. Eijaz tells Jaan that she is hurt so let her be, you think that you’re her ally but what you’ll do now’s that you simply support her, lookout of her. You both are wrong to get on this side. Nikki says i would like to remain here, you’ll stay here if you would like to urge punished (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020).
Nishant tells Jasmin that Jaan is justifying himself there still, he’s getting manipulated. Jasmin says he’s just a softie, he features a soft corner.
Nikki tells Pavitra that i’m hurt with myself for expecting loyalty from my friends then abandoning . Jaan says i used to be hurt also once you didn’t take my name. Nikki says Pavitra may be a better friend.
Nishant tells Jasmin that we decided to not favor Nikki but we’ve to payback. But she didn’t do any favor on us.

Nikki asks Jaan to travel to the green area. i’m staying here. Jaan calls Nishant. Nishant asks them to return and that they will talk. Nikki says i’m safe here, i’m tortured thereon side. Pavitra says they need broken the rule. Nishant says you’ll be punished. Nikki says i would like the punishment to interrupt my ego. Bigg Boss says to Nishant that it’s your responsibility that nobody breaks the principles (Bigg Boss 14 22nd October 2020). Two inmates are on the red-side and it’s against the principles , you’ve got to bring them on the green-zone. Nikki says i’m not going from here, it’s not my problem if Nishant is that the captain. Nikki says i’m hurt and that i am not getting to ask anyone. Jaan says you’ll win alone. Nikki says i’m angry at myself for abandoning .

Nishant tells Nikki to return out, we’ll sit and talk. Pavitra says you all have hurt her by not taking her side. Nishant says we all wanted to be the captain so what’s wrong with that? Nikki says it’s my fault that I expected my friends to assist me.

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