Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020 Written Episode 21 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020 Written Episode 21 Update

Day 19, Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020 Written Episode 21 Update at 12:00 AM
Nikki tells Jaan that my friends cheated on me and it affected me. Jaan says what wrong did we do? Nikki says you didn’t support me, you made Nishant but when he became the captain, he didn’t listen Jaan and put my items within the BB mall because he wants to save lots of his captaincy.

Telecast Date: 23rd October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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12:15 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October

Pavitra asks Nikki to go away this red-zone. You were emotional but be practical now. Nikki says i will be able to be punished. Eijaz says you’re confirmed, we are in peril already. Nikki says to Jaan that bring Nishant here, tell him that i’m able to talk but i would like my items back from the BB mall.

Jaan involves Nishant and says I talked to Nikki. She is prepared to speak to you, let’s end it. Nishant says sure. Nikki comes out of the red-zone.

1:30 AM

Nishant calls Rahul and asks him to speak to Jaan. Rahul asks Jaan if he’s angry? Jaan nods. Rahul laughs and says he was joking. Nishant says Rahul said that Jaan should leave Nikki if she is wrong. Jaan says Rahul shouldn’t have talked ahead of Rubina and Abhi, they need to interrupt us apart. Rahul laughs and says they need the matter so don’t worry. He pulls Jaan and kisses his cheek (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ). Nishant asks Jaan to forgive him now, he’s a jokester.

2:15 AM (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October )

Nishant asks Nikki if Pavitra went angry because I said i will be able to punish her also? Nikki says yes but she won’t say anything because I came here. Bigg Boss asks Nishant to wear his mic.

Day 20
8 AM (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October )

The inmates awaken to the song Radha. all of them dance and luxuriate in it.
Nishant talks to Nikki but Bigg Boss asks him to wear his mic.

8:30 AM

Abhi and Rubina ask Pavitra. Pavitra says i would like to interrupt my head here, i’m stuck here and that i saw 4 people breaking one another yesterday. Abhi says they’re sitting together now. Pavitra says they’re all here to play for themselves. i’m stuck here with Eijaz and that we don’t even ask one another so i’m alone here (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

Nishant asks Rahul to wash the rest room also. i will be able to do my duties. Rahul says we made you the captain so we get fewer duties but you’re giving us more duties. Nishant says i will be able to assist you when it matters, these are small things. Jaan says we’ve to form this captaincy successful, we’ll support him.

11 AM

Jaan sings Nikki and she or he blushes. Nishant says she blushes sort of a married wife. Jaan hugs Nikki and says she is blushing such a lot . Nishant says you both are the foremost popular couple immediately in India. Nikki says we are just friends. Eijaz says a woman and boy can’t be friends. Nikki laughs. Eijaz says what if they fall crazy in real? Nikki says I rarely like all boy. Eijaz says what qualities you like? She says he should be tall, dusky, very honest, he should be respectful and he should be very smart. Jaan says I can’t be smart or tall. Eijaz says Jaan features a 3 out of 5 scores. Nikki says i would like all 5 qualities (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

12 PM

Nishant tells Jaan that i will be able to not tell who i will be able to save from Pavitra and Eijaz but i would like to send someone from greenside to the red side. Jaan says it should be Rahul, i do know you’ll do this . Nishant says you’re my brother. Jaan says he has personality flaws. Nishant says he’s not a truthful person (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ). I never said that i will be able to not offer you guys duties, i’m working also but i will be able to protect my friends within the nominations.

12:30 PM

Nishant is washing the dishes with Rahul. He asks Jaan to bring Nikki’s things out of the BB mall. Jaan says i’m working. Nikki says who helps me? Abhi says i will be able to help her. Nishant says i will be able to get free and are available . you’ll ask Jaan. Nikki says Jaan is chopping. Rahul tells Nishant that you simply can ask Nikki to select her things on her own. Nishant says she may be a girl and can’t devour things. Nishant leaves the dishes and goes to assist Abhi (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

Abhi tells Nishant that whatever decision you create you ought to stand by it. She is doing this deliberately.

2:30 PM

Nikki tells Nishant that you simply sit with Rubina’s group. Pavitra said that they create fun folks , Pavitra is extremely smart so we don’t need to mention our group to them at any cost. Pavitra is sleeping and therefore the alarm pops . Nikki asks Nishant to seek out out who is sleeping, you’re the captain. Nishant says I even have to seem for this stuff also? Nikki says shout and asks who is sleeping. Nishant involves Pavitra and asks if she was sleeping? Pavitra says don’t blame me once you didn’t see me (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

3:45 PM

Rahul talks to Pavitra and says some people had questions that i’m not trust-worthy, I don’t care about Nikki’s words. Our captain promised me things yesterday that he will protect me and now he’s saying that he doubts my loyalty. If I knew all this then i might have played a special game. We aren’t school friends that we’ve to stay proving our friendship (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

5 PM

Rahul tries to speak to Nikki but Nikki says you can’t mention the girl like that. You can’t tell her friend to not ask her. You asked Nishant to mae me take all the things from the BB mall, there have been tons of things but you didn’t care that i’m a woman . What if it had been your sister? Rahul says there’s nothing about girl or boy here, I said sorry to you already (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ). Nikki says you can’t play on the front foot.
Nishant tells Rahul that she found it rude that you simply asked her to select up her things from the BB mall. Rahul says this is often kindergarten stuff, she keeps saying rude stuff. We aren’t here to form immortal friendships, we are all playing a game.
Nikki tells Jaan that he’s shouting immediately but afterward he will send me songs on the messages and heart my photos.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020
Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October 2020

6:45 PM

Abhi tells Nishant to not take this on the guts . whenever first captaincy is difficult. Nishant says I didn’t know I had to take care of small things. Jasmin says you shouldn’t have talked about the nominations in the least . Nishant says we didn’t discuss openly. Rubina says but you can’t even talk indirectly. Jasmin asks him to not be down. Abhi says it’s always difficult the primary time (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).

Watch Bigg Boss 14 21st October 2020 Written Episode 19 Update

7:15 PM

Abhi tells Rubina that Nikki has watched many seasons so she didn’t tell Nishant about the rules? Why didn’t she stop him? Rubina says Nikki back-stabbed him, Nishant should understand he lost his captaincy due to his so-called captaincy. Abhi says Bigg Boss clearly said that they might have ignored everything else but not the nomination discussion. Rubina says it’s clear they discuss all this (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ).
Nishant tells Jasmin that such a lot happened once I became the captain and my very own friends were hurt so I didn’t know what to try to to . i’m not sad as I didn’t know what things to take care of. Abhi says Jaan and Nikki have seen all the seasons of BB in order that they should have clearly told you that it’s against the principles to debate nominations here. Why did they are doing it with you?

9 PM

Nikki tells Nishant that Rahul does b*t*hing and says bad words on the other hand talks sweetly to them. He was taking suggestions from Pavitra then saying all this behind her back. Nishant says albeit he didn’t mean anything bad, he should have just clarified it with Pavitra. Nikki says Abhi should have said something to Rahul. Nishant says he was angry and wanted to mention something but he didn’t.

Rubina tells Jasmin that Pavitra felt bad and that i understand why she is crying. Jasmin says I didn’t expect her to cry. Abhi says Rahul is boring and crass, we shouldn’t give him attention. i’m telling you he’s just petty and crass. Whole house will say it (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .

Rahul sits alone and tells the camera that it’s whole house vs. me but I don’t care because they’re going to back-stab one another once they get time.

Day 21
8 AM

Rahul involves Jaan and Nikki. He says morning . Jaan talks to Rahul.

Jasmin tells Abhi that their friendship is shallow and their fights are shallow also. Abhi says Pavitra is here to win the sport too (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .
Pavitra looks at Jaan and Nikki lecture Rahul and says they need no standing. they need selfish hearts.

11 AM

Jasmin tells the inmates that some rotis were left yesterday. Nikki says what percentage left? Nishant says I didn’t eat yesterday. Jasmin says there are 5 rotis so i will be able to heat it again if anyone wants to eat. Rahul says leave two roties that are fresh on behalf of me . Rubina says why you would like two rotis fresh? Rahul says i’m not lecture you. Jasmin tells Rahul that we aren’t your servants here. Rubina tells Rahul that everybody is eating one fresh roti and one roti from yesterday. you’re the sole one who wants two fresh rotis, you’re VIP here? Rahul says i’m . Pavitra says don’t ask him, he’s not worthwhile (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .

1 PM

Nikki asks Rahul if he was feeling bad yesterday? Rahul says i used to be feeling low after I had the talk with you three. I don’t want to stay proving that i’m a loyal friend. the matter with me is that i’m open about my feelings. Nikki says I desire you’re not loyal to anyone, you talk behind the rear . Rahul says I haven’t started playing the double game, once I do this then you and everybody will see it. Nikki says you tell Pavitra that you simply were feeling low then you talk behind her back. Rahul says your parents must have thrown you out of their house. Nikki says you don’t need to care that (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .

Watch Bigg Boss 14 20th October Episode 18 Written Update

9:30 PM

Jaan starts doing Nikki’s facial. She says do my face massage. Nikki asks Jaan to massage my face for 10 minutes.
Rubina gives instructions to Abhi for facial. Abhi is massaging Rubina’s face. He cleans her face and says wow. He applies a mask on her face.

Rubina goes to scrub her face. Nikki cleans her face and says this is often my final look (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October) .

10 PM

Rahul captures a video of Jaan and Nikki. they are doing dandiya on Udi Udi jaye. Nikki dances in Jaan’s arms. He picks her up and twirls her around. Nikki kisses him on the cheek and Jaan blushes. All are cheering for them. Pavitra claps for them (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .

12 AM

Bigg Boss says to the inmates that we’ll celebrate Navratri within the house and two guests are coming within the house but two inmates won’t be a part of these celebrations, Nikki will decide about those inmates. He asks Nikki who shouldn’t be a part of this celebration? Nikki says Rubina and Abhi because I don’t have much bonding with them. i would like to celebrate with others. Bigg Boss says Rubina and Abhi won’t be a part of the celebrations in order that they will stay within the bedroom. All others can prepare . The red-zone inmates Eijaz and Pavitra are going to be a part of it too in order that they can prepare . Pavitra cries so Eijaz consoles her and says prepare (Watch Bigg Boss 14 23rd October ) .

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