Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October 2020 Written Episode 22 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October 2020 Written Episode 22 Update

Weekend Special Watch Bigg Boss 14 In the house, Preeti and Pinky enter the house and say we’ll have a celebration together. They sing Pari hoon main. All dance with them and luxuriate in it. Pavitra and Nishant play dandiya together. Rubina is dancing while lying on the bed. Abhi laughs at her antics. All cheer for them and thank them for coming to the house. Preeti and Pinky wish them luck.

Telecast Date: 24th October 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And VootVideo
Source : Standard Video Licence

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Salman comes on the stage and says we told you that scene will change and did it change? It happened just within the blink of an eye fixed.

Salman connects the decision to the house. He says the seniors are gone. He asks Eijaz how is his new house? Eijaz says I’m caged and in pain but it’s fine. Salman says I even have seen this life. He tells Eijaz and Pavitra that you simply should feel that you are within the red zone. Salman asks Pavitra what problem does she have? Eijaz says she wants to speak to me but I don’t. I’m angry at how we reached there. Salman says we’ll mention who pressed the buzzer first. I do know who did it first. Eijaz says I’m sure that I didn’t let anyone press the buzzer for five seconds.
Salman says let’s mention a few of the houses (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). He says I would like to clear this thing that I even have been hosting this show for 10 years and each year they tell me before the launch about the contestants. I don’t a couple of people and that I know some people from before. This season also, I’d have met someone before and may need to share the stage before. I worked with Rubina before I didn’t commit it to memory. Should I mention that luggage topic or not? If I touch on this subject then I will be able to go very deep. Abhi says please don’t. Salman asks Rubina to not involve him in the game. You don’t need my support to urge famous. I called Abhi luggage because he wasn’t doing anything within the house. I joked about it as he was acting like luggage. you set Abhi down by saying that he didn’t get work before and that I was getting work but he came here because I brought him here as he wasn’t getting work (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). I would like to clarify here that we would have liked a few and that we tested some people and Abhi entered this house on his own capabilities. He would are selected for the show albeit he was single. He wasn’t active within the house before but he took time and now he’s acting sort of a fired arrow. Rubina says I didn’t mention you. Salman says you clearly said that I taunted your husband, you furthermore may say that my team forced me to mention all that. does one actually think that anyone can make me say anything that I don’t want to? you’ll check my briefing and that i don’t follow it word to word (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). they’re quite happy if I scold inmates as that gets TRP but I only scold when things above the top. you’re in my house, you’re my guest so how will I attempt to put you down? you’re doing well within the house but don’t involve me. I will be able to appreciate what I prefer and that I can dismiss things which I don’t like but when things leave of hands then I am available. I don’t love it when my name or show’s name is being tarnished. we’ve taken time to urge this show respected and make it’s a favorite show. Your family, my family, my fans are watching this show, and that I will put them due to Rubina and Abhinav? He tells Rubina that you simply drag things such a lot that you get trapped in those things. Abhi was making you understand that too (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). you’ve got a misunderstanding that your husband came to the show due to you and he’s unable of his own? this is often my house and that I am your host but I’m on your side. you’ll notice that my thinking and my channel’s thinking doesn’t match (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). I won’t explode on people and put them down due to no reason? most are equal in my eyes. I attempt to not make enemies and end animosities as soon as I can.

Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October 2020 Written Episode 22 Update

Salman tells the inmates that everybody is asking who pressed the buzzer first. Pavitra says I feel I pressed the buzzer first. Salman says I will be able to tell you who pressed the buzzer first. Jasmin says you mean to mention that person pressed the buzzer needless to say. Salman taunts that I won’t add up on this show? Rubina says I fold my hands and apologize to you, we didn’t mean that. Salman says I don’t remember my first fight. He asks who pressed the buzzer? Abhi says I pressed it for 3 seconds. Rubina says Hina counted and it had been for five seconds. Salman says but you people don’t know who pressed it first? Jasmin says everyone was attacking others that day. Jaan laughs and says I used to be sandwiched between the women, I used to be protecting the buzzer with full focus. Salman says you people agree that two teams broke the rules? Jasmin says we weren’t attacking them. Salman says two seniors made an alliance once they weren’t gaining anything but you people give big promises about friendships but didn’t care that day that your friend could are eliminated due to you. Nishant says yes, hmm.

Salman asks him to regulate his hmm. All laugh. Salman asks Rahul about the alliance. Rahul says we allianced with Hina’s team including Jasmin, Rubina, Abhi, and Nishant. Rahul says Gauhar visited Hina and that they made an alliance to attack together against team Sid. Jaan says we first tried to form an alliance with team Sid as my close friends Nikki was in Sid’s team. I visited Sid’s team but they were having a discussion so Gauhar then said to form an alliance with Hina. Rahul says Hina’s team was called to the garden so we made an alliance with them. Salman says the seniors gave this concept to form an alliance but they didn’t have any stake during this game, you people need to win the trophy, save your friends but you people weren’t using your minds. The seniors were running the sport . Rahul says we did believe this. Salman says but we don’t know that (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October).

Salman tells Jaan that you simply had 2-3 hours but you didn’t attempt to make an alliance with Nikki or Sid. Nikki says there’s no friendship here, people talk big about friends here but they’re not. Salman asks Rahul you made an alliance with Rubina and therefore the team which makes us think you’re not on the brink of Nikki and Eijaz. Rahul says Hina’s team was stronger because they had 4 people and that we were 2 people during a team so we wanted to form an alliance with them. Jasmin says you left your friends and you agreed to form an alliance together with your opposing team. Salman says the amount of individuals during a team doesn’t matter as only two people could attack at a time. Nishant says all of them thought that the task will continue for a long. Salman says don’t bore us Nishant, you had to play together with your power and heart, it had been all that buzzer (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October).

Salman says let’s mention Nishant as he talked and made promises about friendships the foremost. Gauhar did give a thought to Jaan that he could make an alliance with Nikki but he chose Nishant’s team. Nikki says Jaan acts sort of an ally but he goes behind my back, he doesn’t put me on priority. He can choose Nishant anytime on the other hand don’t call me a lover, you’ll discuss your point with me (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). Salman asks Nikki if she is upset? Nikki says I’m not frightened of anyone but I don’t need friendships. Salman says Nikki you haven’t supported them also in anything. Salman says but the important question is who pressed the buzzer first? He asks Jasmin why she cares about Nikki’s friends? I even have heard that you simply and Nikki are best friends? Jasmin says I’m the girl that remembers my first fight always. Salman says now nobody will fight with you. Jasmin jokes that’s why I’m single (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). Salman says there’s one man during this house who knows Nikki’s friends. He asks Nishant. Nishant says Jaan is her friend then Pavitra. Salman says you’re not her friend? Nishant says I respect her but I don’t trust her. Salman says what percentage of people you respect but doesn’t trust? He asks Jasmin. She says no, I trust the person who I respect (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October).

Salman asks Nishant what’s this that we 4 should stick together? Nishant says by 4 we mean Nishant, Rahul, Jaan, and Nikki. Salman asks Rubina if Nishant had an alliance with Nikki? Jasmin says Nishant had an alliance with us as he didn’t want Nikki to become a captain (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). He said that he will attend Nikki’s side and determine what’s happening in their team so we will make an alliance with him. Nikki claps. Rahul says we didn’t know that. Jasmin says but you ought to have known that as you’ve got watched all the seasons. Rahul says you’re an educator here. Rubina says Nishant came to us within the task, he said that he wanted to play from our side. I asked if he’s not on Nikki’s side? Nishant says I just wanted a clean slate with Rubina’s team. Rubina says I wanted to check him if he would stay on our side or not (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October). He just said that he wouldn’t cheat on Jaan. Jaan says this is often news to me that Nishant visited Rubina. I used to be told that Jasmin talked to Nishant. Jasmin says I did ask him. Rubina says then I had a gut feeling if we should always trust him or not but he broke that trust. We supported him within the start of the captaincy but he shared everything with the opposite team (Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October).

On the Stage Watch Bigg Boss 14 24th October:

Salman connects the decision to the house and says a caller will call now. He connects the decision to an actress Kavita Kaushik. She says I would like to ask Eijaz something. Eijaz says how are you, mom? She says you’re being called Chicha within the whole of India. She says I would like to ask you that you simply were trying nicely within the task and be fair as a referee but why people within the house think that you are confused? you are trying to play nice but nobody trusts you within the house? Why they create fun of you? Eijaz says you understand me right? Kavita says I’m not living there. Eijaz says I used to be having fun at the beginning in order that they started making fun of me. They saw a special avatar within the task in order that they got confused but I’m sure of what I’m doing. Kavita says you can’t roll in the hay, all laugh. Salman ends the decision.

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