Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020 Written Episode 7 Update

Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020 Written Episode 7 Update

Rubina Accuses Gauhar For Being Partial, Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020 Written Episode 7 Update Day 5.

6:15 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020

Telecast Date: 9th October 2020
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Nikki says Pavitra is doing all this for content, Jasmin says really? Nikki says don’t enjoy each side. you’re a double-dholki (dual-faced). Jasmin says I can b*t*h on your face. Nikki says you were b*t*hing about me to Gauhar behind my back. Jasmin involves Pavitra and says Nikki said that Pavitra is doing this for content. Pavitra says she is crazy.
Sarah involves Nikki. Nikki says you would like to take a seat with people then don’t sit with me, if you’ve got a drag with me then leave. Jaan asks Sarah to take a seat with them. Sarah leaves. Jaan tries to speak to Nikki but she says we don’t have an honest understanding so leave it. Pavitra involves Nikki and says hear me, you told me that Rahul didn’t clean the washroom and that I had a fight with him over that. It’s not about getting content. Nikki says i assumed you’re doing this for content and that I can say anything, you didn’t have a drag when a woman was abused. Pavitra says I wouldn’t stay silent if someone touches me wrongly, I might slap them tightly. Nikki says you saying all this but you don’t have guts. Pavitra says I don’t need to realize my guts from you. Nikki says if you’ve got guts then raise your hand. Pavitra says you ought to work on your memory (Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020 ).
Sid tells Gauhar that you simply have lost the plot, I used to be here just last season. Gauhar asks him to urge lost.
Nikki tells Jaan that you simply are talking about me to Sarah, I told her to go away . Sarah comes there and asks Nikki to speak to her directly. Jaan tells Nikki that she is mad, I asked Sarah to take a seat with them in order that they can talk. Jaan gets angry on Sarah and asks her to go away .

Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020

6:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Jaan tells Nikki that i do know you don’t like Sarah. Nikki says I don’t like Sarah, she can’t take a represent herself. I don’t like her, if i’m sitting with you then I don’t want her here. Nikki says she is spineless. Jaan says Sid was right. Shahzad was leaving so Nikki asks Jaan to stay silent as he might listen. Shahzad comes there and tells Nikki that you simply are irritating. i’m not taking note of you talking, i used to be just going from here. i’m ignoring you since morning, don’t provoke me. Jaan says it’s okay shahzad. He leaves. Nikki asks Jaan to ignore them. Jaan says I don’t have a drag with him. Nikki says once you are sitting with me then don’t ask them. Shahzad comes there and tells Jaan to not endorse someone wrong.

7 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Jaan involves Shahzad and says what wrong am I endorsing? Shahzad says i used to be going from there and she or he provoked me, you didn’t stop her. you’re endorsing her being wrong. Jaan says you were taunting me saying that i’m worthless. Shahzad says i used to be telling to Nikki. Jaan tells Nikki that I don’t think i’m endorsing something wrong. Shahzad says she asked you to not ask me and you stopped talking. Jaan says I talked to you even then, I didn’t hear her. Shahzad leaves from there. Jaan asks Nikki to not talk within the middle once I am lecture someone. Nikki says i used to be lecture you and not him. Jaan says people think you’re giving me directions to play the sport . I didn’t want to speak to Shahzad (Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020 ).

8:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Sarah says i would like bikini tomorrow. Nishant says i’m able to give mine. Sarah says i would like to offer it to Eijaz, he wants to strip on behalf of me . Nishant says I don’t know Eijaz personally, he has that angry man expression. i assumed he will fight tons within the house but here most are embarrassing him and humiliating him, he doesn’t say anything to anyone.

9:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Eijaz is washing the dishes. Jaan comes there and says you ought to have called me. i used to be washing my face. Rubina says i’m washing the dishes, you only help me. Jaan tells Eijaz that i used to be changing my clothes. Nikki says he thought you were busy lecture me. Jaan says he shouldn’t have a drag thereupon . Eijaz says why not? Jaan says you’ll taunt me now Eijaz Bhai? Jaan says I didn’t expect that from you. Eijaz says you shouldn’t have said that I didn’t call you.

10 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Nishant tells Sid that Rubina and Abhi will share the bed so where will I sleep? We can’t share a bed as we won’t fit. Sid says you’ll get a mattress. Sid says we will make Rubina roll in the hay Hina. you’ll ask Rubina then you’ll roll in the hay Abhi. We are beat a show. Gauhar says they don’t need to sleep together as husband and wife as they’re during a show.

Eijaz involves Nikki and Jaan as they’re sitting on the sofa. Eijaz says don’t sit on this sofa, I sleep here. Nikki says i’m not leaving from here.
Eijaz tells Shahzad that I sleep thereon sofa but they sitting with feet up.

Sid tells Hina that if Nishant asks you that he can share the bed with him then say no. i would like him to ask Rubina to roll in the hay you so we will create a rift.
Abhi involves Sid and asks if they will shift Nishant elsewhere . Sid says why can’t Rubina roll in the hay Hina? I understand that you simply wouldn’t want her to roll in the hay a boy. Abhi says you’ll share the bed some boy to form things work. Sid says we are during a show so you don’t need to share the bed together with your wife. Abhi says i’m a husband and you would like us to stay up on an equivalent bed. Abhi tells Sid that you simply are a sensible guy but you’re not helping me? Sid says I don’t have any gain with helping you, you work it out. Abhi asks Hina if she will share the bed with someone else? She says no I can share the bed with Rubina only. Abhi nods and leaves. Hina says that they had a troublesome time, don’t roll in the hay . Sid says i will be able to allow them to share a bed but i would like to possess fun for now.

Abhi tells Rubina that Sid isn’t helping in getting one bed for them.

11:30 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Rahul asks when will their beds change? Sid says Pavitra have kicked you already. All laugh.

Nikki tells Sid that she has nobody in life immediately . Sid says I feel bad now, you don’t respect me? You didn’t even consider me. Gauhar writes bad about me already. Gauhar says you usually bully people? Sid says i used to be bullied. You didn’t get work for 7 years in order that they called you back here to offer you’re employed . Gauhar says excuse me? You don’t know who is Gauhar Khan? you’re too arrogant to understand who is Gauhar Khan? Sid involves Hina and slaps her face during a funny manner, he says I even have a reputation to take care of . Hina sits over him and beats him funnily. She says i will be able to slap you on the face only. Sid covers his face. Hina says i will be able to bite you. Sid grabs her. Hina says leave me, i will be able to slap you. You don’t know who you messed with, don’t show your strength. Sid says it had been love, don’t do that . i’m engaged. He laughs and says I can’t love you. Hina slaps him. Gauhar says Sid slapped her with force. Sid says she is putting fire now that I disrespected a lady .

11:45 PM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Rubina tells Hina that i’m sleeping with you? Sid says we were joking with you, you’ll share the bed with Abhi. Rubina says I don’t have a drag . Sid says let me tell this excellent news to your husband. i will be able to pull his leg. Hina says don’t roll in the hay . Rubina says please Sid. Sid says chill, stay the f**k out of this, don’t begin . Sid leaves.

Sid is trying to find Abhi and acts angry. He runs behind Rubina to prevent her from getting to Abhi. Sid involves Abhi and says Rubina is sleeping with Hina.. Sid hugs him. Rubina tells Abhi that he was joking. Abhi says Sid is so predictable. I knew it.

1:30 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Sarah tells Shahzad that Nikki can’t sleep tonight. She goes crazy. Shahzad says she is doing this from day one.

Nikki tells Jaan that i’m being alone here. Jaan says i’m with you standing alone. I don’t like Sarah et al. as they’re not taking a stand.

Sarah tells Shahzad that Jaan wanted me to take a seat with him but Nikki said that she doesn’t like me. Jaan didn’t answer back to her that i’m his friend. He follows her blindly.

Jaan tells Nikki that Shahzad features a clean heart but he’s a donkey. All others are small-minded.

Shahzad says she jumps tons around Sid but when he leaves then?

Nikki says they see that Sid is supporting me in order that they are expecting him to go away to pounce on me.

Day 6
8 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
The inmates awaken to the song baawri. All dance. Eijaz hugs Pavitra.
Sid tells Gauhar that I say anything that’s in my heart, i used to be seriously joking, I swear on my mom, I swear on my dead father. I even have nothing against you. Your tweets didn’t affect me in the least , i’m just pulling your leg. Gauhar hugs him and says you done?

8:45 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Eijaz tells Shahzad that i buy suffering from seniors having such good food. they’re going to keep calling seniors. Shahzad says should we go against them? Eijaz says they’re boring us in order that they try within limits. I became Sid’s fan when he saved Nikki. Shahzad says it had been obvious he would save her. Eijaz says he made the sport interesting, we had a drag with Nikki not even caring about our food but who has immunity now? She has it.

Rubina tells Nikki that I cleaned the slab for you. Nikki says you spread this mess so you cleaned it, it’s not favor on me. Rubina says it had been your duty and that i did it so you’ll thank me nicely. Nikki says many thanks but I didn’t ask you. Rubina says you’ll be courteous, it’s fine if you’re thankless. Nikki says she should remain within the garden, who brought her inside? Rubina says i will be able to bring discipline. Abhi says Nikki will learn where to throw trash. Nikki says you ought to give brains to your wife. Rubina says she should marry to urge brains, she will married in BB. Shahzad says you think that so? Rubina says yes, it’s a typical .

10 AM Watch Bigg Boss 14 9th October 2020
Nishant says we’ve to make a decision the 7 items. Sarah says i would like 7 items. Nikki says i would like 7 items. Jaan says i would like 2 items, Jasmin says i would like 3 items. Eijaz says I don’t want items today. Nishant counts all and says we would like 28 items. Shahzad says who didn’t get items before will get things now. Jaan says I just want pants. we will decide together. Nishant says to Hina that no-one will get anything today. Nikki says I asked for 7 items so all are posing for 7 items? Shahzad says you’ve got started all this by posing for 3-4 items daily.

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