Watch Online Bigg Boss 13 19th October 2019 Full Episode

Watch Online Bigg Boss 13 19th October 2019 Full Episode

Online Bigg Boss 13 (thirteen) Weekend Hindu deity Vaar is here! Salman Khan is here to require category once the task took a nasty flip yesterday. The contestants can come back to the jury stand, and Taapsee Pannu-Bhumi Pednekar also will come back on the show.

Know what’s going to happen on today’s episode of Bigg Boss thirteen right here:

Salman Khan enters the show on ‘Just Love Me’. He reminds audiences that what happens in week eight sometimes, has taken pace and currently there are 2 clear teams – Shukla cluster and Paras group. He additionally talks concerning Siddharth Shukla and Rashami Desai fight, and calls Paras the one who adds fuel to the fireplace. He says Shehnaaz’s heart is with Paras and mind is with Siddharth Shukla. He additional calls Devoleena confused. He additionally recited the episode wherever Siddharth Dey crossed all lines.

Salman narrates what Dey did once the Arti episode. Arti confronts him and says that he has guilt that is why he isn’t consumption food. She says she’s not the one World Health Organization will get traditional terribly shortly. She says she is attempting to be traditional and requests him to eat. She additionally asks Rashami to feed him.

When meeting contestants through TV, Salman says he hopes he may even be as happy as them. He talks concerning nominations and goes to Devoleena. He says that she was detected expression that the boys have to be compelled to find out how to behave with ladies. She asks Dey to face among the jury. Devo accuses him of wanting matured however doesn’t assume before reacting. She talks concerning the incident once Dey touched her cheeks, that may well be taken as associate degree offence. once Salman asks World Health Organization believe Devo, most say. Salman asks Arti concerning the task, and Shukla tells her to not state everything. once Arti repeats Dey’s statements, Shukla holds his head. once Dey says he’s guilty and couldn’t sleep, Shukla smiles. defensive himself, Dey says that he crossed lines that attempting to create the statements comic.

Salman asks him to regulate his comic sense of humour. Salman tells Arti that Dey didn’t will do what he did. Salman then asks Rashami why she was a lot of upset with Shukla. She defends expression he was moderator however wasn’t doing his task properly. Rashami says that she got upset as a result of Shukla declared that he would beat up Dey if he were outside the house. Rashami says that she felt unhealthy as a result of Dey is appointed and Shukla being a moderator did that. Dey says that he doesn’t take Shukla terribly seriously.

Salman asks Shukla’s intention. Shukla defends himself expression that Dey could be a author and will assume before doing something. He explains that a task is testing time. He says that Dey same some things to Shehnaaz, however he got upset once he same that he used words for Arti expression he’s stating it on National tv. Shukla says that no-one is politically right, and Rashami voices disagreement. They virtually get into a fight ahead of Salman. Rashami says that Shukla too doesn’t respect ladies. The teams defend one another. Salman says that Shukla’s manner of claiming that Dey ought to bit people who adore it, was wrong.

Mahira and Paras realize Shukla’s angle wrong. Shukla defends himself expression he doesn’t speak behind the rear. Salman asks Gill concerning Shukla. She says that it’s his nature to not speak directly. She says that she gets smart vibes with Shukla around. Rashami feels that Shukla is manipulating Asim, because the latter same that Rashami offers negative atmosphere. Shukla calls her originative. Salman goes back to Shehnaaz and asks her if the 2 ought to patch up with one another and she or he says relationship are going to be useful for every other instead of fighting. She says that she will be able to patch them up, however they need angle. Salman Khan audiences love each on an individual basis within the house (Online Bigg Boss 13 ). Shukla asks Salman to clear the matter.

Rashami starts contention. Salman says he will type things out however won’t. He needs them to unravel the matter among themselves. He says that Paras is sweating and Shukla says he would accuse him of commenting on others, that is ok, however he’s positive and provides out rules that aren’t even associated with the task. Salman says that Paras incorporates a strategy, however that continually fails. Paras can hook up with his fan via video decision. The fan asks why is he insecure and plays concealing behind ladies and jealous of Shukla. He told Devo that Shukla’s driver is currently his driver and he will expose Shukla. The fan accuses him of stating behind the rear. Paras says that he simply needed to tell somebody, and will confront once he needs to. Salman shows Paras the mirror. The fan isn’t pleased with his answer. The fan says that Shukla has not created any comment behind Paras’ back (Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

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Taapsee Pannu and Bhumi Pednekar enter the house. They greet everybody and Abu praises each the actresses. Taapsee tells him that if they leave hands then they will work along. She praises the house. Shehnaaz, Abu and Asim take a glance at the bull. Contestants gather. Shukla is that the last contestant to return. They state Saand Ki Laat task. Mahira nominates Shukla for the task. She accuses Shukla of talking behind the rear. Shukla completes the task. Shefali names Rashami, expression she wants facilitate popping out within the open (Online Bigg Boss 13 ). She additionally completes the task. She nominates Arti, expression she is temperature and shadow.

Arti screams throughout the ride and sings too. Shehnaaz nominates Paras for kicking her. once Taapsee asks if she asks concerning feelings, she says that she feels for him as friends. Paras additionally completes the task. Devo nominates Abu, stating he disrespects ladies. Asim and Paras had to assist him climb the bull, and Abu falls down on his back, creating Shehnaaz laugh aloud. Asim nominates Paras expression that Dey was suffering and Paras didn’t support him. Paras is in level three currently. The actors leave. Shehnaaz says initial time she wasn’t kicked, and so she kissed the bull. The housemates dance on Womaniya(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

Online Bigg Boss 13 SK Welcomes Actress

Salman Khan welcomes the actresses on stage. He asks however did they like Bigg Boss ki Aankh Hindu deity ghar. Bhumi says she was excited, and says he likeable Shukla, and Taapsee white-haired geographical area ki Katrina Kaif Shehnaaz Gill, World Health Organization incorporates a terribly positive energy. They state their film. The dadis additionally come back on the show. They play 65-year-old. Taapsee reminds Salman too aged in Asian nation and he jokes that’s his real age. Salman says he got balloon exploding gun from Juhu beach, and that they laugh. Salman shoots #1 and Bhumi needs to sing a song whereas beverage and Taapsee has to guess the song.

The song is Jeene Ke Hai Chaar din, and that they begin danicng. Taapsee needs to eat stale laddoos. She needs to speak whereas consumption them. They act in shooting. they’re going for hullahoop next. Bhumi will it for few seconds, and Taapsee may barely roll in the hay. She offers it to Salman, World Health Organization is also unable to try and do it. Salman then will hook step of Yamla Pagla Deewana(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

Salman goes back to the house once Taapsee-Bhumi go. Paras remains within the stand. Salman takes Shehnaaz’s maths category and she or he gets confused. Paras is termed back with the housemates. once Salman asks if Shehnaaz has any sins, she says that she has one on a daily basis and calls herself doing therefore everyday, stating that creating reference to Paras was biggest sin. Salman asked therefore owing to next task, wherever someone needs to state sins, and also the one World Health Organization has least, can win power card(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

When Shehnaaz is termed initial, then Paras and Shukla justify her. Paras asks her to convey her sin to Paras solely. Shefali picks Shukla. Arti offers it to Paras, line of work him artful and unfair. Devo needed to feature to each, however she offers it to Paras, stating to talk on the face.

Asim additionally offers it to Paras expression that he continually needs to finish the task while not anybody winning. once Rashami comes Salman asks individuals to guess and asks her to try and do one thing totally different (Online Bigg Boss 13 ), however she still picks Shukla, expression that he has to amendment his mind. Mahira additionally picks him expression he plays unfair. Dey additionally picks Shukla, stating that Shukla is angry middle-agred man.

Salman asks him to sit down. Abu picks Paras, stating he’s enemies with Shukla, World Health Organization is Abu’s friend. once Abu makes noise, Salman says he did identical within the morning. Shukla won the ability task. Paras needs to offer Shukla the ability card(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

In Online bigg boss 13 Salman then talks concerning elimination. Salman says he would take the primary name, and says girls initial. Salman talks a few twist, stating that Mahira and Rashami won’t exit of the house. Thus, solely boys can get out of the house(Online Bigg Boss 13 ). Buddha Dey, Abu Malik, Paras and Asim rise up on Salman’s cue. Salman can take names of these World Health Organization will get eliminated.

Salman then says he can name people who aren’t evicted in the week. He names Paras so says he was asking. once Abu was asked, he says he can exit of the house undoubtedly. once naming Buddha Dey, Salman asks him to inform Asim he’s safe. Asim is safe. Keeping the curiousity alive, Salman can take the names on Mon. Dey is confused. The names are going to be taken on Mon at ten pm(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

According to Shukla’s power card, he will eat his favorite dish, that is unbroken within the storage room. Shukla got srikhand, and Salman asks Asim if he is aware of that. individuals prompt Shehnaaz once asked what time on Mon can they meet once more. Salman bids goodby and informs concerning IIFA(Online Bigg Boss 13 ).

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