Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 5th October 2020 Written Full Episode 3

Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 5th October 2020 Written Full Episode 3

Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 5th October 2020 Written Episode Day 2
Rahul is doing push-ups at 11:15 Am. Pavitra comes there and sits on his back. She says now do the push-up. All cheer for him but he falls down. Gauhar comes there and says you had to invite my permission before getting to the gym? Rahul says I forgot. Gauhar says there are rules here, if you don’t follow then there’ll be consequences. Jasmin asks if she will use the gym? Gauhar says sure. Rubina tells Gauhar that I just need my yoga mat.

Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 5th October
Watch Online Bigg Boss 14 5th October

Gauhar tells the camera that we’ve to point out authority for fun. we’ve to stay them in check .

11:30 AM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14

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Gauhar involves Hina and says they didn’t take permission from us to use the gym. Hina says I just allowed 2 people to use the gym. Gauhar says they ought to invite your permission a day . Hina says i’m not stopping the gym, for now, i’m expecting the tasks. Gauhar says they ought to take your permission. Sid says to Hina that she is trying to form you listen about your importance. Hina asks him to shut up.

Hina involves Abhi and says 4 people can’t use the gym at an equivalent time. Sid tries to prevent Jasmin from using the gym. She says this is often wrong, I asked Hina. I mean I asked Gauhar. Sid says this is often wrong. Hina asks him to prevent being a Chachi. She tells Sid that he can use the gym. Sid says I can invite your permission. Hina says I don’t need you. Sid says why nobody loves me? Hina laughs.

12 PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14

Jasmin tells Sid that the washroom is dirty after you came out. Sid checks the washroom and says it’s not mine. Hina asks him to go away it. She asks Sid to urge lost from there. Sid says I can stay here for you. She says you’ll go and take a shower. Hina says you’ve got a weird mind. Sid says this is often sad.

12:15PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14

Shahbaz involves Nikki’s bed. Jasmin says Nikki is upset after yesterday. She may be a lass . Hina says she is functioning tons , she is simply worried about her nails. Jasmin says she should be stubborn about the proper things. Shahbaz says she is nice and helpful. Jasmin says she doesn’t drag things.

12:45PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14

Shahbaz tells Nikki that you simply are working tons but it doesn’t count if you say things unknowingly. Nikki says i’m working so how it doesn’t count? Shahbaz says i’m supplying you with advice as a lover . She says we are friends now? He says yes, i’m just saying that if you say things sweetly then it’ll be valuable. Nikki says i’m hygienic so I asked for a cup from you. Shahbaz says in two minutes? i will be able to wash the dishes in any case have breakfast. Otherwise it becomes very hectic on behalf of me .

1:30PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14

Sid tells Gauhar that Bigg Boss is making us strong. He tells Rubina that your immunity are going to be good if you’ve got bad things. once you leave Bigg Boss then you’ll eat things thrown on the road . Rubina says I even have come from the mountains but i’d die here. Sid says then we’ll end the show and remember you. Rubina says if I die then the show will stop too. Sid says you’ll be memorable. Gauhar asks Sid to not say those things. Hina asks Sid to chop his tongue. Rubina says I even have come from mountains and married a Punjabi who can go crazy anytime. Sid says he’s a Shukla, he knows me from before. Rubina says he lives with me and you only know me. Sid jokes that he won you during a competition? He tells Rubina that i prefer you tons . She asks him to scrub his hands before touching her. Sid touches her and says now I even have to scrub my hands.

2PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Nikki says i will be able to workout today. Sid says you’ll do the workout with me. Sarah says this is often wrong Sid, i’m talking from Punjabi audience. Sid says what’s wrong with it? Sarah says you’re our brother in law/Jeeja (pointing bent Shehnaz and his relationship). Sid says who said so? Sarah says all India says it. Jasmin says Sid didn’t say anything or accepted it. Sarah says he’s our Jeeja in Punjab. Jasmin asks Sarah to prevent it, he’s a senior. Sid says she is twiddling with me? Jasmin says he’s not your competition to mention anything to. Sarah says i’m not twiddling with him, i’m saying the reality from heart. Sid says i’m not twiddling with you. Sarah says there are talks going around about it. Sid says there are many talks going around and it’s not right to open our mouths like this. What if I open my mouth. Sarah says it’s a sense , we all have this in our hearts in Punjab. Sid says i’m in everyone’s heart? that’s good.

2:15PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Jasmin et al. are talking about food. Pavitra tells Rahul to offer her plate so she will give him food. Gauhar looks at Pavitra taking food. Gauhar says we’ve limited food so let’s divide it for everybody as Sid is left. She asks Abhi to serve everyone as you recognize the number . Pavitra says we will take food for seniors separately. Gauhar says no everyone should get everything.

2:30PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Pavitra isn’t eating. Jasmin says what happened? you ought to have food. Pavitra says I took the plate and that i was stopped, i’m not eating anymore. Gauhar asks what happened? Pavitra says i used to be just taking my plate and you said to divide food like i used to be taking an excessive amount of food. Gauhar says I swear I didn’t even check out your food. I just realized that you simply were liable for giving food to everyone so I told you there, my intention wasn’t to prevent you from eating. Don’t misunderstand me. She hugs Pavitra as she cries. Gauhar says I understand that emotions are high, I swear I didn’t stop you from eating. Pavitra says I understood but you stopped me within the middle so it made me feel bad. i’m sorry. Gauhar says i’m sorry and hugs her.

3:15PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Hina reads the instructions that some people face troubles because they don’t have their things. The rejected have an opportunity to urge things back and become a fresher. You all should know that seniors are important and every one freshers should keep proving themselves as they’re going to decide who will stay during this house or not. the primary task ‘Entry Pass’ will start. Hina, Gauhar and Sid will give tasks to the inmates and that they will need to complete it. Rejected freshers have an opportunity to get rid of the rejection stamp and enter the house. All rejected inmates should fulfill the tasks, the seniors need to think and provides orders which can put rejected freshers within the turmoil. It’s an opportunity for rejected inmates.

3:30PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Sid tells Hina that i will be able to provides a chance to Rubina that she will are available the house but she can’t get her clothes. Hina says we should always give an equal chance to all or any 4. Rubina is your priority? Sid says I just took Rubina’s name. Hina says let’s see.

Rubina tells the rejected inmates that they’re going to put us against one another . we’ll win and send one inmate inside. we’ll begin the rejected stamp today.

Gauhar tells Sid that we will ask Sarah to chop her hair. Her hair is long. Hina says we’ve girls’ clothes and that we can ask a boy to wear girl’s clothes. Gauhar says we will ask them to wear a bikini.

4:15PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
The task buzzer plays. Sid involves Rubina and says you’ll get inside, I don’t such as you sitting within the garden. Rubina says i would like to participate within the task. Sid says we’ll allow you to return inside but you won’t get anything of your own for every week . You won’t get your clothes and makeup. Rubina says if I say no then i will be able to get my clothes? Gauhar says then you’ll stay within the garden. this is often the primary round and supported what percentage rounds you’ve got and the way many rounds you win then we’ll decide if you won this task. except for this round, you’ll say yes or no. She says no.
Hina tells Nishant that your first task is to wear a bikini for every week over his t-shirt. All the time for every week . Nishant says i will be able to roll in the hay . All clap for him.
Gauhar tells Sarah that she is going to need to cut her hair shoulder length if she wants to win her round. She says done. All are surprised. She says i’m totally okay with it. Sid claps for her. Hina makes her sit on a chair. Sarah tells Abhi that i think you to chop my hair. He cuts her hair while all cheer for her. Hina says good girl, hat’s off. She gives her a replacement look. Jaan says she looks better. Sarah says i prefer my hair.

4:30PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Sid tells Jaan to carry a weight for 1 minute with one hand. He starts holding the load . Hina counts and he wins the round. All clap for him. Sid says hat’s off. Gauhar tells Sid that you simply need to make it tough but make it doable for them. Sid says they’re doing good job.

4:45PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Hina brings a pink bikini for Nishant. He happily wears it. Sid says you appear as if you’re within the Bigg Boss now. Gauhar says you’re sporting Nishant. Jasmin says he’s Boo Boo Man.
Hina makes Rubina sit down. Gauhar says you’ve got to eat these chilies in 1 minute. She agrees and starts eating chilies. All look on. Rubina is trying to regulate herself and keeps eating. Hina counts for her but she vomits and can’t do the task. they carry juice for her as she spits it out. Hina says there have been many chilies, it had been impossible. All clap for Rubina. Sid says it had been not tons . He tells Gauhar that folks have eaten salt and oil in my season. they need done tons in my season. Gauhar says this was tough.

5:15PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Nishant tells that i used to be shocked but I wanted to try to to anything to urge this rejected stamp off.

Gauhar calls Sarah and says you’ve got to carry his dumbell of 5KG for 1 minute. She tries to carry it but can’t. She loses the round.

5:30PM Watch Online Bigg Boss 14
Gauhar involves Nishant that you simply r task is that you will accept a ‘Rejected’ stamp within the house for one week but we’ll allow you to inside. Nishant says done. Gauhar says you’ll also tell seniors that ‘we rejected you’. He says I accept this. Gauhar is impressed.

Sid tells Rubina that you simply shouldn’t have said no to the primary task. Rubina says I can’t sleep in one clothes for every week . Sid says we might have given you under-garments.

Gauhar writes ‘Rejected’ on Nishant’s forehead as a part of the task.

Bigg Boss 14 Online 4th October 2020 Written Full Episode 2

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