Waymo Cars Phoenix warns its passengers: it will soon begin to make journeys without the safety driver

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In Phoenix, they are living (a little) in the future : the autonomous taxis of Waymo Cars Phoenix One have been traveling their cars for almost two years and in all this time these vehicles have been learning more and more of all those routes, which has allowed polishing their operation and make these autonomous vehicles more accurate and safer than ever.

The company seems to have full confidence throughout this journey, because this week it has sent a message to its customers telling them that “Waymo’s completely driverless cars are on the way”. Until now a safety driver was part of these journeys, but the company will begin to make journeys without that person very soon .

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In all these trips Waymo cars have always made use of a safety driver who was behind the wheel but only watched the journey .

Waymo autonomous taxis take an important step

The Waymo One tests are limited to a very limited area : they are carried out with Chrysler Pacifica cars and restrict their activity through geolocation so that they always use roads and streets within that “restricted map” of action.

In all these trips Waymo cars have always made use of a safety driver who was behind the wheel but only watched the journey .

That person will no longer be present behind the wheel in this new stage announced by Waymo, although according to TechCrunch a Waymo employee will probably remain in the vehicle initially.

Some customers are choked on the trip (waymo cars phoenix)

Waymo’s message to its customers indicates that if the journey is made by a car without a safety driver, they will know through a notification sent by the application.

This is a new and important step for that future proposed by Waymo in which autonomous taxis could be the first major revolution of a segment that of course in Google are being considered cautiously : the mantra of the company, in fact, is “Every step matters”, which translated from English means “Every step counts”.

Those responsible for Waymo seem therefore to have total confidence in the safety of the journeys that these autonomous cars are doing, but not everything is perfect in the service: a recent study of 10,500 journeys in Waymo revealed that 30% of customers complain of “tortuous routes”, “excessive braking” or “unstable driving” of these autonomous taxis.

It will probably be months (or years) before the company decides to offer this service much more widely in Phoenix and in other cities in the United States, and the thing could take even longer if these vehicles also eventually serve cities of all the world.

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