Whatsapp Tricks 2020 To Use Bold

Whatsapp Tricks 2020 To Use Bold
Whatsapp Tricks 2020 You can use the shortcut menu or a combination of symbols. The options are integrated into the platform. You can also cross out and use monospace.
In WhatsApp application, you can change the format of the text of the messages just by pressing a combinatorial sign or using shortcuts within the platform.
You don’t need to download a third-party app to use text in italics, italic highlighting, strikethrough, or to implement monospace. Here, how to do it.
To write a text in italics, you must put an underscore before and after the text:
Bold font
If you want to highlight a bold text, you must put an asterisk before and after the text:
In order for the text to appear crossed out, the word or phrase must be written between virgulillas (~).
~ text ~
It is possible to write a monospaced text, placing three inverted quotes before and after the word:
“ `text“`
It should be noted that shortcuts can also be used on Android and iPhone.
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In the case of Android, you have to hold down the text that is being written and when doing so, a menu of options will be displayed (cut, copy, paste, undo, share) next to which there are three dots.
Press there and you will see another submenu of alternatives where you can choose between bold, italics, strikethrough, or monospaced.
In the case of the iPhone , you also have to press and hold the text once it is typed and then go to Select and choose the desired option.

WhatsApp tricks and cheats Schedule messages

In order to schedule messages to be sent later, you will need to install any additional applications. There are different alternatives, one of them is Wasavi, which is very easy to use.
Once the app has been downloaded, it will be necessary to grant the three permissions requested by the app. The requirements that are provided to the app are related to the possibility of overlapping other applications and accessing the person’s contacts by using the whatsapp tricks 2020 .
Although it can be a complex process to release these filters, the app usually helps in the step by step of how to do it without any problem.
Once inside the app menu, the user must choose the Schedule Message option. From there, the person must choose a contact from their list and write their message.
After you have written the necessary words, a menu will be displayed at the bottom of the screen where it is divided by day and time when the publication will be broadcast.

Dark mode

The dark mode was one of the novelties that arrived this year on WhatsApp tricks 2020. To enable this alternative you have to enter the Settings menu and then select the Chats option. There look for Themes and finally press on the option that says Dark.

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