World Tea Day, History is our culture and poetry

World Tea Day, History is our culture and poetry

December 15 is the World Tea Day celebrated all over the world, including Pakistan, keeping in view the growing popularity and importance of tea all over the world.

Whether to relieve fatigue throughout the day or to wake up early in the morning, a cup of tea is enough to refresh the mind and soothe the body, so offering tea to guests in Pakistan is a part of our culture anyway.

Whether it’s a political meeting or a guest’s arrival at home, a time of sadness or an occasion for happiness, drinking tea is a part of our culture.

If tea is not provided to the guests at home, then questions about the strength of the housewife and the homelessness are also raised. Also hospitality is to offer tea with other accessories.

Some people even consider tea as a cure for physical pain; in the case of a headache, most people recommend drinking tea.

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Even tea is mentioned in the poets’ romantic poetry.

“We also accept daily headaches 
Just have tea in your hand ”

A poet, with tea, mixed his sadness and sorrow with words.
Tea has become one of the most popular drinks worldwide and according to a report, more than 2 billion people start their day with tea.

“He did not come, nor did he come to me 
My cup of tea has melted in the evening “

Tea is consumed in different ways in different countries, tea consumption is lower in western countries while tea is more prevalent in Asia. In homes, it is usually cooked on the stove and taken out to drink when it is fully heated.

Tea History

Tea is said to have been used as food in the beginning, some people used the tea plant as a vegetable; in some traditions it has been found to be used in combination with wheat grains. ۔

According to a tradition, 1500 years ago an accidental invention introduced tea as tea (World Tea Day). After going through various stages, tea has become a regular form of civilization that is practiced in our country and other countries today.

Impact on health world tea day

Some experts consider tea to be a very positive thing for health (World Tea Day) and the human body; according to it, tea keeps humans away from heart ailments, the caffeine and other ingredients contained in the tea keep the blood circulation high and prevent it from clotting. Are. In the winter, some people complain about not drinking water. Experts say that tea is a source of “liquid in tech”, which also eliminates water deficiency in the body.

According to psychologists, tea stimulates memory cells in the brain.

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