Zoom video calls app that everyone uses during a quarantine

Zoom video calls app that everyone uses during a quarantine

Zoom video calls app program is used a lot during the quarantine period, but apparently, it shares your data and could even open your camera without you knowing.

The days of quarantine go by and Zoom went on to occupy the podium of the most chosen apps with 12.92 million monthly active users and an increase of 21% since the end of 2019.

However, the platform designed by the Chinese Eric Yuan has been registering different security issues that put the privacy of your database at risk.

Zoom video calls app

What happens when a host decides to record the call so that it can be played back later?

Zoom saves a text file of the messages that were made during the video call and can share it with the host.

As indicated by the support website: “the saved chat will only include messages from the host and panelists to all participants”.

However, it does not clarify what will happen to direct messages between attendees.

According to its privacy policy, Zoom collects a large amount of information about users (name, address, email address, telephone number, title, and even the name of their employer).

From the app, they ensure that they do not sell the personal data of their users for money to third parties, but they do share it with third parties to benefit the “business” of those companies.

Security Specialists Said (zoom video calls app)

Another fact to keep in mind is that Zoom installs a local web server that accepts video call requests, but is not adequately protected.

This allows you to open the door to malicious sites to take control of a Mac camera without notifying the user what was happening.

That’s why computer security specialists recommend using at least two devices during zoom video calls or app.

For example, if you answer a call on the computer, the phone will be used to answer WhatsApp messages with other call assistants, answer an email or chat. Thus, the attention tracking alert will not be activated.

On the other hand, experts also do not recommend logging in to Zoom from Facebook, as this is a poor security practice and increases the amount of personal data that Zoom has access to.

In this case, it is advisable to create a dedicated username and password for the app.


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